Mentoring For Success: The System That Makes a Difference

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play video download pdf Title: Mentoring For Success: The System That Makes a Difference
Presenter: John Passante, Organizational Development Group, LLC
Date: SEMA Webinar, July 15, 2010
Duration: 1 hour

High-potential employees can become high-performance assets. All it takes is active support, encouragement and feedback — a process known as mentoring. Learn how to unlock the talents of your employees. “Mentoring for Success” will be presented by Dr. John Passante, president and CEO of Organizational Development Group LLC and president of Brenton Productions Inc. Dr. Passante espouses a system anchored in mutual trust, goal setting, motivation and focus combined with accelerated learning for life and career planning.

Successful organizations ensure that the professional development of their employees is foremost in their strategic planning. Mentoring provides support, understanding and the development of skills. It can unlock the employee’s own capacity for growth and fulfillment, providing inspiration, motivation and vitality. Use this new webinar to build better employees, better people and a better organization.

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