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Exhibitor Series: Preparing Yourself for a Successful SEMA Show - On and Off the Floor
Tom Gattuso, SEMA’s Trade Show Director; Zane Clark, SEMA’s Director of Education

Webinar: Exhibitor Series: Are You Prepared for the SEMA Show? Webinar for First-Timers (and Veterans)
Tom Gattuso, SEMA’s Trade Show Director

Getting Media Coverage at the SEMA Show
Larry Edsall, Freelance Contributor

Are You Missing Out? Introduction to the R&D Tax Credit
Kirk Chen, Meritum Consulting

OSHA Enforcement Trends & Managing Inspections
Eric J. Conn and Amanda Strainis-Walker, Epstein Becker Green

Fuel Your Sales with Better Product Data: An Introduction to the SEMA Data Co-op
Jim Graven, SDC Director of Membership

411 Customer Service: 8 Words that can Kill the Deal
Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor

10 Ways to Better Product Development-The SEMA Garage Industry Innovations Center
Mike Spagnola, SEMA OEM and Product

So, You Want to Be in Pictures? A Guide to Product Placement in Film
Mark McFann, Cast a Long Shadow

Opportunities for Growth: Working with the Top Auto Manufacturers, Powered by PRO
Dave Lalain, VP of Commercial Development for AIAG

Twenty Ideas in Twenty Minutes - Driving Business Growth & Fueling High Performance: How to Create a Sales-Service Excellence Culture
Christine Corelli, Christine Corelli and Associates

Attendee Webinar: Are You Ready for the SEMA Show?
Tom Gattuso, SEMA; George Lathouris, Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc.

Exhibitor Series: Are You Prepared? Last-Minute Webinar for First-Timers
Tom Gattuso, SEMA; Eric Hoffend, Freeman

Exhibitor Series: Everything You Need to Know About Exhibiting at the 2013 SEMA Show
Tom Gattuso, SEMA; Jennifer Carr, CEM, ConvExx

Confused about the Healthcare Reform Law? What SEMA Members Need to Know About “Obamacare”
Kelly A. Davis, Clifton Larson Allen

Exhibitor Series: Develop a Pre-Show Marketing Plan Guaranteed to Make your SEMA Show a Success
Chuck Schwartz, ConvExx; Tom Gattuso, SEMA

Five Things You Must Know When Shipping Internationally
Charles Popick and Tom Leimkuhler, CPC Consultants

Fuel Your Sales With Better Product Data
SEMA Data Co-op Executive Team

How Companies Can Utilize Financing to Close More Sales
Bill Purcell, TIP Capital

Get More From Your Crew Using Four Personality Styles
Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor

Industry Trends: Who's Your Target Customer
Gavin Knapp, SEMA Market Research

Industry Trends: 2012 Annual Market Study Overview
Gavin Knapp, SEMA Market Research

3D Design and Additive Manufacturing: Technology that Will Change the Aftermarket
David Gurrola, President, GROWit

2011 SEMA Show Education Days
Business Management Seminars

TPMS 101: Identifying and Understanding the Opportunity
Russ Fuller, Revolution Supply, Inc.

PRO Council Business Development Guidebook
Professional Restylers Organization (PRO), a SEMA Council

PRO Council Sales Training Manual
The Professional Restylers Organization (PRO), a SEMA Council

Sales Strategy: Create Your Competitive Advantage
Chuck Udell, Essential Action Design Group

Getting Your Data House in Order: Application Data Standard
Gigi Ho, Digital Performance

Boost Profitability with Proper Product Data
Scott O’Toole, RPM Data Services

Mentoring For Success: The System That Makes a Difference
John Passante, Organizational Development Group, LLC

Calculate the Value of Your Company: Value Realization Strategies
Bob Kinsella, President, Kinsella Group; Karl Johnson, Jr., Senior Vice President Business

Preparing Your Company to Finance Growth
Louis Goodwin, Sr. Vice President, Wells Fargo Commercial Banking; Bob Staiger, CPA, CSPM, Swenson Corporation

Simulation Technologies to Speed the Aftermarket Product Development Process
John Waraniak, SEMA; Ed Browalski, ACEC; Santhosh Jogi, dSPACE; Tom Gillespie, Mechanical Simulation (CarSim)

Servicing the Next Generation of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
Kevin Rohlwing, Senior Vice President of Training, Tire Industry Association

Don't Waste This Crisis: Paralyze or Energize the Choice is Yours
John Waraniak, VP of Vehicle Technology, SEMA

Tough Times Bring Change: Learn How to Manage Moving Forward
Peter de Jager, Technobility

Job Costing Systems That Will Boost Your Cash Flow
Tom Aiono, Accounting Manager, SEMA

Inventory Management: Stop Storing Cash in the Warehouse
Tom Shay, Profits+Plus

Protecting Your Finances From the Economy
Matthew Egan, Merrill Lynch

Increasing Profits with Fewer Customers
Dan Kettelson, Performance, Inc.

Relationship Management within the Supply Chain: Get the Most from Your Suppliers, Company, Teams
Nancy McGuire, President, McGuire Consulting Group, Inc.

Take Positive Control When the Economic News is Bad
Richard Jones, Management 2000; Justus Breese, Automotive News; Dean Calvo, M2000/ES Division

The Specialty Equipment Automotive Company of the Future: Guideposts for Strategic Planning
John Waraniak, SEMA VP of Vehicle Technologies, Brett Smith & Richard Wallace, Center for Automotive Research (CAR)

Make 2009 Turn Out Fine: It's Only the Little Things that Matter
Tom Shay, Profits+Plus

Inventory Management: Mark It Down, Move It Out and Make More Money
Tom Shay, Profits+Plus

Leverage Your Company's Strengths in a Difficult Market
Mike Madden, CMTC, Manager Industry Development, Automotive Consulting

Manage Your Cash Flow During Challenging Times
Tom Shay, Profits+Plus

Analyzing the Income Statement: The Key to Your Company's ROI
Gary Naples, Freelance Associates, Inc.

Research and Development Tax Credit
Steve Brunson, co-founder of Meridian Tax Advisors

Lean Thinking: The Toyota Way of Doing Business
Russ Mundi, Toyota Motor Sales

The Future of Inventory Control-RFID
Doug Jacobs

Effective Communication Tips for Professional Success
Barry Maher, Barry Maher & Associates

Managing Workplace Stress
Kathleen Barton, MBA, founder of The Success Connection

The Mindset of Leadership: Timeless Qualities of a Successful Leader
Scott Hunter, The Hunter Partnership Alliance

Management Strategies for the Most Challenging Situations
Tom Shay, Profits+Plus

How Reps Can Help Installers Sell to Car Dealers
Carl Sheffer, V.P. OEM Relations, SEMA; Ellen McCoy, Sr. Dir. Dealer Relations, SEMA

Techniques to Relieve Stress at Your Work and In Your Life
Amy Lynn Frost, Future Achievement International

Six Sigma: The Secret Weapon of Success-Part II
Bob Lozano, CMTC

Six Sigma: The Secret Weapon of Success-Part I
Bob Lozano, CMTC

Improve Business Performance and Profits with ISO 9000 Quality Management, Part II
Geoff Downer, CMTC

Improve Business Performance and Profits with ISO 9000 Quality Management, Part I
Geoff Downer, CMTC

Lean Manufacturing: How to Eliminate Waste in Manufacturing and Distribution
James Snyder, University of the Aftermarket

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
Craig Randall, A Fluent Vision, LLC

Improving Performance Through Coaching
Dan Sakimoto, Strategic HR Services

Think About It..Great Store Managers Make Great Stores: Buying, Selling or Transferring Ownerships
Kris Walker, MAAP, University of the Aftermarket, Northwood University

Secure Your Future: Being a Champion of Change
John Passante, University of the Aftermarket, Northwood University

Building an Award-winning Staff Through an Employee Incentive Plan
Jacquelyn Thorp, Driver Alliant

The ABC's of Business Success: How to Improve, Grow and Succeed
Tom Shay, Profits+Plus

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