SDC-MRN Certification Course

Manufacturer's reps know that information sells parts. Tell a retailer or jobber the benefits and details of a manufacturer's product line, and you're halfway to an order. And that's why reps should ensure that they take the time to learn about the latest and most important industry information tool: the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC).

To make the process simple, the Manufacturers Representative Network (MRN) and the SDC have developed an online training certification course. In four sessions that take just minutes each to complete, reps can learn how the SDC system works; how they can match manufacturers to retailers and jobbers; and how the SDC can help everyone sell more products. Reps who complete the program receive certificates authenticating their new expertise.

Don't let fear of "data" stop your progress. It's just information, and it means more business for you and your clients.

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