Restyling Market - Facts At-A-Glance


Products used to modify a vehicle’s exterior or interior after they
have left the factory are what define the restyling market. As
consumers desire to create something unique that fits their personal
lifestyle, so, too, does the trend to customize one’s vehicle.
Restyling products, which include sunroofs, ground effects, grille
guards and drop-center bumpers, are functional, however, many consumers
purchase them for the aesthetic appeal.

General Market Information

  • Restyling products are categorized with accessory and appearance products – which is the largest segment
    of the industry and the only one to have increased its market share
    over the years, going from 51.1% in 1996, to 57.6% in 2006.
  • Sales of specialty accessories and appearance products are estimated at $21.14 billion at the retail level in 2006.
  • Appearance and accessory products are often a consumer’s first contact with the automotive specialty-equipment industry.
  • Dealers are playing a greater role in selling
    specialty-equipment products. In fact, the 2006 SEMA Show saw dealers
    from 2,596 different companies, a 10% increase from the 2,354 companies
    that were represented the previous year.

SEMA Resources 

  • The Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) is a SEMA council dedicated to addressing the challenges
    facing the restyling segment of the automotive aftermarket and to
    developing effective  strategies for dealing with industry-specific
  • Recognizing the market opportunities that restylers have by
    working with dealerships, SEMA – through the PRO council – offers
    members a step-by-step manual on how to partner and work with
  • Through the SEMA Installer Certification Program, installers
    are able to increase customer confidence and prove their expertise.
    Developed in cooperation with the National Institute of Automotive
    Service Excellence (ASE), the program includes four modules: electric
    sunroofs, body exterior components, leather interiors and roof
  • The ground-breaking initiative, known as ProPledge™,
    protects consumers in the event of a product or installation defect
    that results in the denial of a vehicle warranty claim, and provides
    parts and labor repair or replacement at no cost to the car dealer or
    vehicle owner.

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