Recession Survival Series

SEMA Recession Survival Series WebinarsThe economy is in crisis. Businesses are losing ground; some are failing. Now is the time to act, to learn how to match your team’s skills and technology to the requirements of the day. In response to the prevailing crisis, SEMA is launching a series of web-based seminars over the next six weeks to provide immediate help to its member companies.

The new program will focus on topics specific to today’s challenges, including managing cash flow, retaining the best employees, managing inventory and leading your company through 2009 into the new business environment. In a brief and to-the-point "Recession Survival Series," SEMA will offer webinars to give your staff the guidance they need to survive the turbulent economy and be poised to thrive when it recovers.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009
10:00 to 11:00 a.m. (PST)
“Tough Times Bring Change: Learn How to Manage Moving Forward”

By Peter de Jager, Technobility

In today’s economy, management is faced with two conflicting situations: we must implement all change that is necessary and resist all change that isn’t essential. Through Peter de Jager’s webinar, you will learn how to get people to embrace the change that is necessary and create an environment that allows rational resistance. Walk away with the tools your business needs to help you manage and achieve what at first glance appears to be unsolvable. Use change to move forward.



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