Sales Strategy: Create Your Competitive Advantage

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Thursday, December 9, 2010; Presented by: Chuck Udell, Essential Action Design Group

Chuck Udell, senior partner with the Essential Action Design Group, will present an enlightening session, “Sales Strategy: Creating Your Competitive Advantage” on Thursday, December 9. An industry veteran, Udell is the former president of University of the Aftermarket (of Northwood University), and was responsible for working with a team of key industry leaders to develop Leadership 2010, the University of the Aftermarket’s Executive Development Program. His webinar presentation will include:
  • How to differentiate your company, your products and your services
  • How to determine opportunities to add value to your customer’s business--the internal and external obstacles to this process and how to steer around them.
  • Implementing your competitive position to produce results and customer loyalty
  • How to insure financial return of expectations using best practices and case-based approaches to avoid the “no profit zone”
  • Discuss the “clarity of measurement”
An effective sales strategy is a powerful change tool that creates a competitive advantage, and delivers improved business results.

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