How to Profit with Google AdWords

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Thursday February 11, 2010; Presented by: Perry Marshall, Perry Marshall & Associates

Many online marketers are using pay-per-click (PPC) programs like Google AdWords because unlike other marketing programs, results are immediate and measureable. However, PPC is highly competitive and takes well selected keywords and targeted ad copy to actually catch the consumer’s attention without blowing your budget.

Choosing those keywords and building that ad is the topic of this SEMA webinar. “How to Profit from Google AdWords” offers unique advice about how to use this marketing tool to your best advantage and includes topics such as:
  • How to structure an ad campaign to produce real results
  • Free and low-cost tools that can help anyone plan and evaluate a campaign
  • How to measure results
  • The differences between broad match, phrase and exact match — and guidelines for their use
  • How to identify and use negative keywords
  • How to improve poorly performing words, groups or campaigns
  • How to see what your competitors are doing
  • How to hire the right people to provide advice and deliver competent help  

Download formats in this product: Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation on Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Windows Media Video (WMV).

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