Major Determinants of U.S. Automotive Demand: Factors Driving the U.S. Automotive Market

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Thursday, September 17, 2009; Moderator: John Waraniak, SEMA Vice President of Vehicle Technology. Presenter: Brett Smith, Assistant Director, Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology, Center of Automotive Research (CAR)

SEMA recently presented the industry research findings and released advanced copies of Phase III (view all three phases) of a groundbreaking multi-phased series of specialty-equipment forecasting reports at the annual State of the Association meeting in Pasadena, CA on 01 August. 

In case you missed this important opportunity, here is your chance to learn more about the major economic drivers of the U.S. automotive market and their potential impact on SEMA-member companies. The information and insights presented in the webinar will assist members with increased understanding and awareness of macroeconomic trends and analyses to support their business development and scenario planning efforts.

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