Business Efficiency 101: Using Product Information to Increase Sales, Boost Image and Reduce Costs

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Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 10 a.m. Business Efficiency 101: Using Product Information to Increase Sales, Boost Image and Reduce Costs - Presented by: Scott O'Toole, Manager,Motorstate Distributing, Pricing Policies & PIES

Scott O'Toole provides a meaningful webinar covering the basics of standardized retail product eCataloging formats and sections of the data standards (Product Information Exchange Standard, PIES and Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard, ACES) in easy-to-understand, non-expert terms. Scott will show you and explain the basics of standardized retail product eCataloging and data standards, the importance of accurate product eCataloging information, and the problems inaccurate information can cause for your specialty parts and accessories business.

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