CAR Report Phase 2

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Powertrain Forecast and Analysis: What is Coming and What are the Implications for the Specialty-Equipment and Performance Aftermarket Industry

The Phase II report addresses the rapidly changing powertrain plans of the OEMs for the U.S. Market and their potential impact on SEMA-member companies.


SEMA commissioned the highly-regarded Center for Automotive Research (CAR) to conduct a groundbreaking multi-phased series of specialty-equipment industry forecasting reports to assist members with technology and business planning. The three reports feature exclusive insights from forward-looking information on changes in vehicle technology, OEM direction/strategy, government regulatory trends and the consumer mindset. This three phase study is must-read material for those who plan to survive and thrive in the challenging years ahead.

Why are these reports so valuable?  The auto industry is undergoing serious structural changes. These reports will be useful to the decisions you make today.  The information will increase your understanding and knowledge about vehicle manufacturer plans for technology and economic forecasts that feature the specialty-equipment industry.

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