2007 Urban-Lifestyles Report

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2007 Urban Lifestyles coverWe saw it a few years ago. Young car buyers were accessorizing their rides primarily with “dress-up” parts such as big wings, race inspired body kits, and a host of dress-up modifications. This may sound like the sport compact market of yesterday, but that market as we know it today has shifted more toward performance with appearance almost becoming secondary. So what has happened to that consumer who wants his or her car to look “cool” and is less concerned with performance? The answer may lie in what is known as the urban-lifestyles market. Much like the divergence of the street rods and lowriders decades ago, enthusiasts are divided among those that build their vehicles for performance and those that personalize their rides with style in mind. These consumers modify the cars and trucks they buy to reflect their own unique personalities and spend a lot of money making their rides look different from others on the road. Why should SEMA members care about the urban-lifestyles market? The biggest reason: this market represents a new way for manufactures to market their products and, ultimately, make more money doing it.

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