Canada Transportation Industry Sector

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The Canadian Transportation sector is one of the most modern and highly developed transportation infrastructures in the
world. It opens markets to natural resources, agricultural products, and manufactured goods. The transportation sector
consists of rail, truck, air, and marine. According to Transport Canada, the Commercial Transportation sector in 2004
accounted for US$34.7 billion (C$43.3 billion) or 4.1 percent of GDP and employs approximately 843,000 Canadians.
Trucking is the most important industry at US$11.5 billion (C$14.4 billion) of total output. The air and rail transportation
industries accounted for US$3.0 billion (C$3.8 billion) and US$4.4 billion (C$5.5 billion) respectively, while urban transit
accounted for US$2.6 billion (C$3.3 billion). This analysis deals solely with Commercial transportation in Canada. (See
Table 1 below.)


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