Belgium Garage Equipment

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The Belgian automotive market has three strong components: auto assembly, Belgium has the highest auto production per capita ratio in the world; customizing, a niche market that has been growing exponentially over the past five years; and garage equipment. This report covers garage equipment used by: repair and maintenance garages, service stations, customizing shops, technical inspection centers, tire specialists, body shops, and machine shops. Demand for garage equipment has dipped over the past year but this is likely to be temporary and should be followed up by new and increased demand for OBDII devices, geometry alignment hardware and software, and multi-brand vehicle diagnostic and calibration equipment. U.S. garage equipment represents only 7% of the garage equipment market share. However, American garage
equipment is viewed as being of the highest quality. Belgian buyers expect to pay higher prices U.S. garage equipment, but they also expect lifetime guarantees on the hardware.


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