Pinterest: The Basics & Beyond

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Thursday, July 5 2012; Presented by: Natalie Carmolli, WhizBang! Training

Think you don’t have time for Pinterest? Think again...

By now you've probably heard of the newest social media craze, Pinterest... It’s visual, interesting, and highly engaging. If you’re not using Pinterest, you’re missing out on a very powerful social media tool that has the potential to impact your business for the better.

You can spend hours on Pinterest, but you don't have to.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed with the pace and demands of social media--and adding yet another site to your already long list of things that need your daily attention seems daunting. But Natalie Carmolli from WhizBang! Training can show you how to get a Pinterest account up and running and maintain it quickly and easily.

Join Natalie for this practical, to-the-point webinar for Pinterest users in business. Learn how your business can use this visual medium to market your products.

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