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Thursday, March 22, 2012; Presented by: Mike Fairbanks, A2Mac1 – Automotive Benchmarking

SEMA is conducting an innovative pilot program with the company A2Mac1 to help support our members with complete vehicle data and information for product development, engineering, installation, service, customization and marketing. A2Mac1 is making their comprehensive vehicle data base and information resources including specifications, photos and videos for over 200 vehicles available to SEMA members registered to participate in this pilot (limited space is available). This is the same information the OEMs use to support their own product development programs.

SEMA is continually working to provide unique benefits and value to members by developing vehicle technology solutions and building partner relationships that foster collaboration between automakers, suppliers, retailers, technology providers,
research organizations, industry associations and member companies. By developing a complete benchmarking management software solution, A2mac1 offers SEMA members global access of data to be shared by suppliers, installers and customizers. A2mac1 has the potential to add significant value to your business operations by helping reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase your profits.

If you would like additional information on the pilot program and how A2Mac1’s services and solutions can support your company’s needs, please contact John Waraniak at 248-363-5313 /, or Oscar Munoz at 909-978-6731 /

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