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MRN Member Logo Downloading Information - Guidelines for Proper Usage of the SEMA Logo(s) 

  1. SEMA encourages MRN members to post the MRN Member logo on any personal professional websites and use it on individualized professional-related materials such as letterhead, catalogs, business cards and advertisements.
  2. A MRN member may not use the MRN Logo to market a particular product, or affix the logo to a product or to product packaging.
  3. The MRN Member logo may never be used by a MRN member as a "stand-alone"; the logo must clearly say "Member" exactly as it is placed shown above.
  4. The MRN Member logo may not, under any circumstances, be distorted in its display; the logo must be vertically positioned as originally intended (not tweaked, turned upside down, etc.).
  5. The MRN Member logo may not be printed in any other color(s) than the original red, black and white scheme. If red is unattainable, then all black is permissible.

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