PRO Code of Ethics for Manufacturers

In its efforts to achieve the highest level of professionalism throughout the aftermarket restyling industry, the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) has adopted a voluntary Code of Recommended Business Practices for aftermarket accessory manufacturers, the purpose of which is to foster confidence in the industry's products and services:

  • The company provides a written warranty policy.
  • All parts are marked and/or labeled to identify the manufacturer.
  • The company provides installation instructions for all products where appropriate.
  • All hardware appropriate and required for installation is included with the product.
  • The company has product liability insurance or demonstrates fiscal responsibility for the same.
  • The company offers a written returned-goods policy.
  • The company maintains the availability of replacement parts for appropriate times after production ceases.
  • When applicable, the company supplies painting instructions with the product
  • The company adheres to Society of Automotive Engineers material specifications where appropriate and applicable.
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