Paul "Scooter" Brothers

Scooter Brothers, SEMA Chairman, COMP Performance GroupPaul “Scooter” Brothers is co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of COMP Performance Group, which includes Competition Cams, Inc, Quartermaster Clutches, and TCI Automotive, LLC. Scooter is currently the Chairman of the Board of SEMA, and previously served three full terms on the SEMA Board of Directors. He took an active position as the chairman of the Technology Task Force to strengthen the Industry’s position with the OE’s.  He is actively involved with SEMA staff dealing with the difficult issue of titling special vehicles in California. He was honored as the 2002 SEMA Person of the year and was inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame in 2005. He was honored with the Vanguard award from YEN, and the Athena award from SEMA Business Women’s Group.
Scooter’s experience at every level allows him to understand the difficult problems facing all of SEMA’s membership, from the manufacturer all the way to the consumer. As a member of the SEMA Technical Committee, his industry influence and experience was instrumental in enabling SEMA to reach a breakthrough agreement with Ford that resulted in the SEMA Technology Transfer Program as it exists today.
Since Scooter spent most of his career in the “trenches” he brought a unique and practical prospective to the SEMA Board. His 20-year involvement in SAE has resulted in him being an active charter member of the SAE Motorsports Council. He is very involved with NHRA and NASCAR and other sanctioning bodies to help insure the long term strength of these organizations and the racers. Scooter is on the Board of Directors of the National Engine Parts Manufacturers Association, a group of service replacement parts manufacturers. He also is very involved with several universities, helping them develop a curriculum that will properly educate students for the performance industry. He regularly visits schools and universities talking to the students and trying to recruit them into the SEMA industry.
Scooter has been in the automotive industry all of his adult life. He began at the age of 14 as a mechanic in a Rambler dealership, and then graduated to line mechanic at a Chevrolet dealership. After a 4 year stint in the service, he returned to discover that the performance bug had bitten him and he went to work with a group at Racing Head Service. From there it just grew and he became a part of Competition Cams, and then to COMP Performance Group and all of its companies. Scooter manages the growth and new product development, and has the unique ability to envision opportunities and find a way to successfully and profitably incorporate them into the companies.
He manages a team of professionals to keep the businesses strong and well
positioned to get through tough times. 
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