SEMA Nordic 2021

Join us for the inaugural SEMA Nordic trip.

Participants can learn the potential for their products in this performance and classic car paradise. Meet top buyers from throughout Europe including the surrounding countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Performance Upgrades is among the top upgrades sought for a range of vehicles. Afterall the region is the headquarters of the European drag racing championship and performance for street use as well as circuit racing as well as drag racing, rally racing and drifting.

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Land of Sisu Motorsports In Finland

Motorsports in Finland

Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark are collectively known as the Nordic region, and its population of approximately 27 million citizens is  passionate  about  all  forms  of  wheeled  competition,  including  rally  racing, drag racing, drifting and circuit racing. A  high  standard  of  living  provides  the  locals  with  ample  disposable  income,  and  the   positive   perception   of   U.S.   racing   products   provides   an   excellent   export   opportunity  for  U.S.  motorsports  product   suppliers.   In   addition,   the   strong   English-language  skills  among  the  average  citizen  make  it  one  of  the  easiest  export  markets in which to do business.

Stepping Into Sweden’s Vibrant Classic-Car Market

Classic Car market in Sweden

SEMA News spoke with Christofer Lee Willhans,   a   seven-time   Global   Media   Awards  judge  from  Sweden. We  spoke  with Willhans about his country’s classic-car market to gain some insights into how that  market  compares  with  the  classic  American-car  restoration  market  and  the  opportunities  it  provides  for  U.S.  manufacturers of classic-car parts.

Drag Racing in Europe: Opportunity for US Suppliers

Drag Racing in Europe: Opportunity for US Suppliers

The European drag-racing season is set to  finally  get  underway  with  May  kick-off  events  scheduled  for  both  the  sportsman  division—the  Summit  Racing  EDRS  Series  —and the FIA European Drag Racing Cham-pionship. “Racers have been waiting a very long  time  now  for  the  return  of  a  normal  race  calendar  [following  the  2020  season  disruption  due  to  COVID],  and  we  expect  a strong 2021 season,” noted Nils Lagerlof, CEO  of  Speedgroup,  the  Swedish-based  administrator and promotion entity of both the  Championship  series  as  well  as  the  Summit Racing EDRS Series.

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