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SEMA certification is a voluntary process through which custom wheel
and tire technicians may prove their abilities to themselves, their
employers and their customers.

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SEMA Member News -- March/April 2009

By Jim Barber

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SEMA Member News -- March/April 2009

Develop Opportunities for Greater Involvement in the Industry

By Laurel Dasher

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SEMA Member News -- March/April 2009
Scholarship Committee

A Few Words With Scholarship Committee Chairman Paul “Scooter” Brothers

Member News, April 2009, Scholarship Committee

Paul “Scooter” Brothers, director of research and development at

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SEMA Member News -- March/April 2009

The Inside Scoop on SBN Members

By Tracy Teuscher

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SEMA Member News -- March/April 2009

From November 1 through December 31

Editor’s Note: The following listings are provided by the SEMA
Membership Services Department. The data has been compiled and verified
by member services. Should you have any questions regarding a listing,
call the Membership Department at SEMA at 909/396-0289.


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SEMA Member News -- March/April 2009

PRO Membership Benefits Can Help Businesses Stay Competitive in 2009

Member News, April 2009, PRO

Valuable networking events and marketing tools are available
from PRO, including seminars; project-vehicle activities; voluntary

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SEMA Member News -- March/April 2009

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SEMA Member News -- March/April 2009

Association Staff Gets to Know California Pony Cars Inc.

Member News, April 2009
California Pony Car owner and founder Ray Harrington (left) and
general manager Tony Gonzalez were presented with a certificate of
appreciation from SEMA staff members who visited the company’s
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SEMA Member News -- March/April 2009

Tools, Programs and Reference Materials Provide Benefits

 Member News, April 2009, TORA

This Tundra Workforce Truck from A.R.E. was on display in the
TORA booth at the 2008 SEMA Show. It is a prime example of how a truck