SEMA Garage Makes Room for Diesel Emissions Testing

SEMA Member News—March 2018

SEMA Garage Makes Room for Diesel Emissions Testing

By Jenny Galvan

  SEMA Garage Measuring SessionDuring a recent measuring session, the expanded SEMA Garage buzzed with member activity.

The SEMA Garage underwent a renovation that has expanded the one-of-a-kind space. The expansion allows for additional square footage to service more SEMA-member companies at any given time. But perhaps, most importantly, the renovation has made room for an improved emissions lab, which now tests for particulate matter. SEMA Garage Compliance Center Manager Peter Treydte discussed the benefits of the expansion.

“When we do certification emissions testing, what we are doing is measuring tailpipe emissions on vehicles,” Treydte explained. “Up until this renovation, what that included was the measurement of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen. What we added was the capability to measure particulate matter, which has been a required measurement on diesels for many years, but it has become increasingly required for gasoline vehicles as well. So the addition of the particulate matter equipment does two things for us: It allows us to continue testing gasoline vehicles where those requirements have increased, and it has added the capability to test diesel.”

Diesel emissions testing is particularly useful for auto parts manufacturers that create products that affect engine performance, air flow or the fuel delivery of a vehicle. Those manufacturers must make sure that their aftermarket auto parts comply with the standards set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board. To better help SEMA members, the SEMA Garage is on hand to make the process of obtaining emissions certification as easy and affordable as possible.

Tech Transfer Also Expands

Just like the SEMA Garage has seen an expansion, so has the Tech Transfer program. The program provides members with access to OEM CAD data files. That is another great way for aftermarket parts manufacturers to reap the benefits of SEMA membership. Accessing CAD image files allows manufacturers to develop high-quality auto parts quickly and cost-efficiently, since access to the files eliminates the need for reverse engineering.

OEMs participating in the Tech Transfer program include Ford, Lincoln, General Motors/Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, Jeep, Fiat and Scion. In addition to the OEM CAD files, scanned auto data created by SEMA engineers is also available for an even wider range of vehicle models, including side-by-side vehicles such as the Polaris RZR, Can-Am Maverick X3 and Yamaha YXZ1000R, to name a few. When the CAD files OEMs provide are combined with the data SEMA engineers gather, it is easy to see why the Tech Transfer program is in a continuous course of expansion.

Other SEMA Garage Resources: 3D Printing

In addition to emissions testing and access to valuable OEM CAD files, the SEMA Garage houses a 3D printer, which is available for free and requires members to pay only material costs. The printer is a great tool for creating auto parts prototypes. It is a cost-effective solution that aids in testing parts before sending them out for production.

Custom 3D Scanning

By using digital data collected from the FARO Edge ScanArm, SEMA Garage staff engineers can assist in reverse engineering, digitizing existing parts, and collecting digital measurements for use in modern digital design application.

Measuring Sessions

Access to pre-production OEM vehicles or prototype vehicles months before they are released into the marketplace is another major member benefit. The SEMA Garage coordinates with automakers to offer these sessions so that SEMA-member manufacturers can get a competitive advantage by accessing measuring data and getting their products out to market more quickly—sometimes as soon as the OEM vehicle is released.

Measuring sessions are held on- and off-site in domestic and international locations. For questions regarding upcoming sessions, visit To receive upcoming session notifications, email

Installation Center

Additional SEMA Garage services and resources include free use of the SEMA Garage space, which features a large installation center that is fully equipped with four-post and two-post car racks, welding tools, grinding equipment and full auto-service tool sets ready for use. The Garage also has a spacious training center that is perfect for hosting training sessions as well as any kind of event that requires plenty of indoor space.

Vehicle Technology Resources

Other services the Garage offers include the Vehicle Dynamics Program, which helps manufacturers comply with federal motor vehicle safety regulations. The Vehicle Technology Briefing Program is another great resource that helps SEMA members stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. Vehicle Technology Alerts also allow SEMA members to stay current on new vehicle technologies.

For more information about the SEMA Garage, visit

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