A Quick View of SBN Programs

SEMA Member News—March 2018

A Quick View of SBN Programs

By Coelette Chenier

  Athena Woman of the Year Sara Morosan (left) of LGE-CTS Motor-sports and Athena Rising Star Krista Baldwin of McLeod Racing posed for a picture shortly after receiving their awards during the SBN reception at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The “She Is…” Challenge—Recognizing Women in the Automotive Aftermarket

The SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) set out on a mission to inspire and encourage women in the automotive industry by creating a social-media campaign aimed at raising awareness of the critical roles women lead within SEMA-member companies. First launched at the 2016 SEMA Show, the “She Is…” program provides peer-to-peer recognition, which SBN in turn considers for its monthly member spotlights and the network’s annual awards.

Who Is She?

In the automotive aftermarket, “She Is…” many things, and sometimes something completely unexpected. SBN is proud to answer the “who is she?” question with its campaign designed to raise awareness of successful women in the industry by featuring those women who have excelled in their careers. By doing that, SBN hopes to grow appreciation of those talented women as well as inspire young women looking to get into the industry.

“She Is…” Goals

There are several goals to the campaign, including raising awareness of talented SEMA-member women, as well as awareness of the career possibilities for future women; featuring what those women do, how they landed their careers, how they continue to thrive in the male-dominated industry; and to bridging the gap and inspire the next generation of women.

The “She Is…” Challenge

The SBN offers a challenge to the industry:

  1. Choose a female friend, colleague, mentor or other SEMA member.
  2. Post her picture to your social-media profile and include her name, company and position using the hashtag #SheIsSEMA.
  3. Help spread the word and tell the industry who “She Is…”!

For more information, visit www.sema.org/sheissema.

Ambassador Program Fosters Future Leadership

Attendees of the 2017 SEMA Show gathered and made new connections at the SBN Reception.  

The SBN Ambassador Program provides great networking opportunities between new members and existing SBN members by designating outreach responsibilities on a regional basis. The program has helped SBN to educate fellow members in a more personal manner by allowing SBN to connect with those who are local to SBN areas. The program has also allowed SBN to increase recruitment efforts, and it has served as a catalyst for helping SBN identify and cultivate up-and-coming members to serve in leadership roles.

To everyone who has participated in the SBN Ambassador Program, you’ve done a wonderful job, and SBN thanks you for all your efforts!

Awards and Networking Events

SBN is dedicated to acknowledging women in the industry. Every year at the SEMA Show, awards are presented to exceptional women. The Athena Woman of the Year award recognizes the outstanding achievements and contributions made by a woman in the automotive specialty-equipment industry throughout the year. Considerations for the award include the candidate’s leadership, job and industry knowledge, management abilities, serving as a mentor or role model, and industry involvement.

The Athena Rising Star recognizes a woman under the age of 30 who is making significant strides in advancing her career in the automotive aftermarket. Athena Rising Stars take advantage of the resources for career development, including networking, education, leveraging the wisdom of others, along with any volunteer efforts within the industry.

SBN is also dedicated to providing quality educational and networking events to women and men in the automotive aftermarket. During the SEMA Show, the network hosts a Women in Leadership Roundtable, where a panel of leading women hosts an open and candid conversation about the challenges women face in the workplace. In an environment that facilitates conversations about the advancement of women in the automotive aftermarket, SBN members are able to learn and gain inspiration from each other.

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