Holland Takes Over as HRIA Chair; Elmore Undertakes Chair-Elect Position

SEMA Member News—July 2017

By Katie Carson

  Tammy Holland
As the incoming chair of the HRIA, Tammy Holland hopes to align the council with the SEMA Board of Directors’ initiative to get youth more involved in the industry.

As of July 1, Tammy Holland of COMP Performance Group takes over as the chair of the Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA), and BJ Elmore of Ridetech/Air Ride Technologies moves into the chair-elect position. The HRIA represents businesses that manufacture, distribute, sell and promote hot-rod products. The council offers programs to promote hot rodding to today’s youth and highlight up-and-coming builders in addition to providing consumer outreach, networking and education opportunities.

Meet Tammy Holland

Tammy Holland’s love for cars started with handing her dad tools and peeking over the hood in the garage. She grew up going to the mud pits, and she can still smell the exhaust and see the tires spinning. Since then, the sound of a revving engine captivates her attention.

In high school, Holland would travel to the track in Beaumont, Texas, to watch the races, walk the car-show area and tour the pits, and she felt that part of her was home. After graduation, she moved to Memphis and has since enjoyed spending her weekends at the track and working for COMP Cams. Holland volunteers her time to the HRIA because she feels that it is the right thing to do.

“There are many people in our industry who do not know where to go or with whom to talk about a question or concern,” Holland said. “With my knowledge and experience, I can hear their concerns and help in any way to make sure that they have all the needed tools to succeed. The HRIA is a concrete group, and I only see us getting stronger. What I hope to accomplish parallels the initiative of the SEMA Board of Directors: to get youth more involved with our industry. This is an exciting time, and all of us need to share our experiences and expertise with those who may not have had the opportunity to be exposed.”

Meet BJ Elmore

BJ Elmore
BJ Elmore sees volunteerism as a means to cultivate the next generation and to help young people understand that the automotive aftermarket industry is full of opportunity for them.

Growing up, BJ Elmore watched his father and learned. Elmore’s dad was an automotive technician, and the son’s passion grew from there. Elmore took a shop class in high school and followed that up by attending an automotive trade school.

After completing his schooling, he took a job at a local Ford dealership and found that he wanted something more—direct contact with people and a little more fun and variety. He wanted to work with hot rods, so he went to work in the sales department at Ridetech (then Air Ride Technologies) and slowly took on responsibilities in business development, inventory control, IT and financial management, which eventually led him to be named the company’s general manager.

“That ground-up journey allowed me to learn a great deal about all levels of our industry as well as form relationships with awesome people who see the automotive industry as a lifestyle, not just a job,” Elmore said, and he sees volunteerism as a means to cultivate the next generation.

As Elmore moved into his new role as chair-elect, he reflected on the qualities he believes a good leader should have.

“I believe that a leader builds trust not only between the committee and himself but also among the entire committee by treating every member fairly and maintaining an appropriate level of transparency,” he said. “Another trait of a good leader is the ability to clearly communicate purpose but also to listen.”

The HRIA also welcomed one incumbent and several new members to the select committee. The list includes:

  • Andrew Erichsen, Painless Performance Products
  • Lloyd Hunt, Power Automedia
  • Jeff Major (Incumbent), Bedwood & Parts
  • Josh Mishler, Advanced Plating
  • Angela Schoof (Incumbent), The Enthusiast Network

Upcoming Events

General Membership Meetings
  • July 6, 2017, at the Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio.
  • August 2, 2017, at the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • August 24, 2017, at the Goodguys West Coast Nationals in Pleasanton, California.

* Learn more and register for these events at www.sema.org/hria.

HRIA Education Day

  • August 3, 2017, at the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky.

HRIA Builders Challenge

  • August 4–5, 2017, at the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky.
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