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SEMA Member News—May 2017


By Katie Carson

Success Starts Here

Your SEMA Membership Brings a Host of Business-Building Opportunities

  SEMA Membership
By becoming a member of SEMA you are immersing your business and employees in a community where education, collaboration and resources drive the automotive aftermarket industry forward.

SEMA advocates, protects, serves and provides benefits for its members. SEMA members are companies that manufacture, sell, promote, install or distribute products for the automotive aftermarket. Becoming a member of SEMA offers companies benefits, such as key data through market research reports, impactful legislative updates, cost-saving services and access to state-of-the-art equipment at the SEMA Garage. Employees of SEMA-member companies also receive benefits through membership, such as continued industry education, professional development, career services, networking events, recognition opportunities and more.


SEMA is the largest trade association currently serving the automotive aftermarket. By joining SEMA, your company and employees become immersed in the culture of the industry, gaining access to a community of professionals with whom you can network, collaborate and engage. By being a dues-paying member, you also are supporting an organization that fights for your industry.

When companies are asked why they join SEMA, the top five responses are:

  1. SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) services
  2. Exhibiting at the SEMA Show
  3. Councils and networks
  4. Attending the SEMA Show
  5. SEMA Garage services

SEMA Data Co-op

For both manufacturers (suppliers) and retailers/resellers (receivers), the SEMA Data Co-op is leading the industry as the best way to upload, maintain and exchange product data, such as images, accurate descriptions, current pricing, weights and measures, UPC codes or application data to power vehicle-specific part lookups.

The SDC makes it easy for suppliers to get started, with no fees or up-front costs. Once their data is published, suppliers have complete control in managing and distributing their product data to ensure that the best and most accurate information is reaching consumers through their authorized receivers.

The SDC is a retailer’s one-stop shop for data on the products they sell in their stores. It allows them to always have the most up-to-date information for their websites, promotions and in-store operations, straight from the Suppliers. SEMA retailers, distributors and e-commerce members can export data from approved Suppliers free of charge.

All SDC members benefit from the Co-op’s expertly staffed Data Lab, which provides support and assistance with their accounts and the industry standards.

For more SDC information, go online to


Classic SEMA Show Modern SEMA Show
The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty-equipment trade show in the world. Recently celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Show brings together more than 2,500 exhibitors and 170,000 industry professionals every year in Las Vegas.

There are benefits to SEMA-member companies that exhibit and attend the SEMA Show. SEMA members have access to the Members Lounge, which is an inviting space to rest your feet, grab a hot or cold lunch, recharge your electronic devices, and hold meetings in a reserved meeting room. There are plenty of networking opportunities and events throughout the Show week for members, including council and network events.

Exhibiting member manufacturers have a cost-savings benefit; they receive a discount of $1,500 per 100 sq. ft. (10x10-ft. booth).

Member buyers attending the SEMA Show are automatically a part of the Member Buyer Rewards (MBR) program. This program gives buyers perks while at the Show, including access to the exclusive MBR Lounge and a “fast-pass” taxi line for easy transportation at the end of each Show day.

Councils and Networks

SEMA has 10 membership-based councils and networks that represent specific niches of the automotive aftermarket industry. (Council memberships are company-based, whereas networks are individual-based and free to join.) By joining a SEMA council or network, you not only gain access to solutions that are driving the industry forward but also become part of a community within your area of interest and expertise. You immediately have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals across the nation through SEMA events.

Volunteer opportunities are also available through the councils and networks. For instance, select committees are volunteer-based groups of council or network members who serve as the leadership for their particular group. Through meetings and task forces, select-committee members gain leadership experience and have the ability to drive SEMA resources toward programs and events that benefit their market segment.

To learn more and join a council or network, visit

SEMA Garage Services

The SEMA Garage is a state-of-the-art facility that provides resources for a member company to bring its product to market while ensuring compatibility and compliance. The facility offers measuring sessions, custom 3D scanning and printing services, a CARB-recognized emissions lab, a fully equipped installation and testing center, a photography studio, a training center and more.

Also available through the SEMA Garage is the Tech Transfer program, which is a membership-based service that provides CAD files from OEMs to minimize or eliminate the necessity for reverse engineering.

Is Your Company a SEMA Member?

The SEMA Show is the largest trade-only event of its kind for the industry. It is a common misunderstanding that if you attend the SEMA Show, you are a member of the association. However, a SEMA membership is separate from the SEMA Show and has valuable benefits year-round. Joining is quick, easy and affordable. Membership dues are based on your company category and are determinded by annual sales. Visit to become a member today.

Not sure if you are a SEMA member? Give us a call at 909-610-2030 and a customer service specialist will be able to help identify whether your company is a current member or will be able to assist you in joining.

n SEMA has 10 councils and networks that represent the various niche markets of the automotive aftermarket industry, providing programs, events and solutions to their members.

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