MRN Builds Awareness Through Its Three Pillars of Success

SEMA Member News—March 2017

By Katie Carson

MRN Builds Awareness Through Its Three Pillars of Success

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The MRN’s manufacturer outreach efforts are a part of the network’s three pillars of success.

The Manufacturer’s Rep Network (MRN) has put together outreach and lead-generation programs for the benefit of not only its members but also SEMA-member manufacturers. Throughout the year, MRN will be on-site at the SEMA Exhibitor Summit and SEMA Show representing the manufacturers’ rep profession as a whole and lending advice to all manufacturers, whether they are newly in business or are industry veterans. Those MRN outreach efforts, paired with the network’s Rep Match program, comprise the MRN’s Three Pillars of Success.

MRN Rep Match Program

The MRN Rep Match Program was launched last year and has made a serious impact in connecting manufacturers to independent sales reps. Rep Match is a free program for MRN members and SEMA manufacturing members. The program is designed to connect independent sales reps with manufacturers seeking representation.

More than 80 manufacturers’ rep agencies have opted in to receive direct notifications when a manufacturer is seeking representation, and nearly 90 manufacturers have participated in the program seeking representation.

SEMA Show Outreach

During the 2016 SEMA Show, members of the MRN select committee took to the Performance Pavilion and the Westgate exhibit areas to connect with first-time SEMA Show exhibitors. This outreach program was titled “Rep Match Gives You Leads.” During the outreach period, MRN members passed out bagels and Rep Match-branded Red Bull to manufacturers. They discussed the benefits of utilizing an independent sales force and what manufacturers should expect from reps. The MRN members also educated the manufacturers on the Rep Match Program as a free and easy way to be directly connected to independent sales reps who can carry their lines in desired territories.

SEMA Exhibitor Summit Outreach

All manufacturers that are exhibiting at the SEMA Show have the opportunity to fly out to Las Vegas in June of their exhibiting year for the SEMA Exhibitor Summit. The Exhibitor Summit is an invaluable opportunity for manufacturers to attend two days of seminars, where they learn best practices for exhibiting at the Show. Education topics typically include booth layout, sponsorships, advertising and marketing strategies, special presentations from SEMA’s trade show director and more, mixed in with networking events and roundtable discussions.

The MRN had a presence at the 2016 SEMA Exhibitor Summit. During a progressive-style reception, MRN hosted a table where manufacturers inquired about MRN and independent sales reps. Again, MRN select committee members were on hand to represent the industry as a whole. Their goal was to get in front of as many manufacturers as they could and educate them on how manufacturers’ reps, through either exclusive use or use in addition to in-house sales reps, can increasingly expand a manufacturer’s business with more boots on the ground and their connections with buyers.

During a roundtable discussion session, the MRN again hosted a table for more of a formal sit-down question-and-answer session between manufacturers and independent sales reps. The MRN members discussed the Rep Match Program with the manufacturers at that event.

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