ETTN Benefits Package

SEMA Member News—March 2017

By Katie Carson

ETTN Benefits Package

  ETTN Benefits Package
The ETTN hosts its annual networking event at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The event attracts the industry’s top engineering and techno-charged professionals.

The Emerging Trends and Technology Network (ETTN) brings value to its membership, comprised of engineering and techno-charged professionals, by providing resources, education and events throughout the year. Join ETTN at to take advantage of the benefits listed below.

Motorsports Tech Roundtable

ETTN joins forces with the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) to host the Motorsports Tech Roundtable. This event offers expert guidance and open conversations on emerging technical trends in the motorsports industry that can impact product development and testing presently and in the near future. The 2017 event took place at the MPMC Media Trade Conference in January and featured relevant industry discussion topics such as:

  • The Fundamental Principles of Intake Manifold Design.
  • Emissions Compliance for Street Performance Products.
  • Advancements in Product Design, From Idea to Prototype.
  • Current Technology Transfer Trends From Track to Street.
  • Obtaining Patents to Protect Motorsports Technology.

SEMA Show Networking Event

A dynamic networking hour takes place each year at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, which serves as the largest gathering of automotive aftermarket industry professionals. All automotive engineering professionals, programmers, product developers and industrial designers attending the Show are encouraged to come out to meet the ETTN select committee and learn about opportunities to get involved. The event features food and drinks as well as an awards ceremony where the network honors the top techno-charged professionals with three industry awards.

The ETTN Ambassador Award is presented to an ETTN member who has demonstrated exceptional volunteer contributions or increased membership and awareness of the ETTN during the past year.

The ETTN Genius Award honors and recognizes those outstanding individuals whose creativity and innovation have made significant contributions toward advancing technology that positively impacts the growth and progress of the automotive industry.

The ETTN Techie Award recognizes an individual for engineering achievements of a product, process or component that demonstrates innovative and original engineering development and/or advances state-of-the-art technology as it pertains to the automotive industry or product sector.

SEMA Show Quick Talks, Presented by ETTN

With the pace at which technology and trends are changing, influencing and impacting the industry, the ETTN recognizes that it is more important than ever for SEMA members to be able to have the opportunity to learn about them. Quick Talks support the network’s ongoing role to serve as a resource for the automotive industry’s engineers, programmers, designers and product managers. Quick Talks are a series of short yet insightful presentations on various discussions relating to the latest automotive technology from different industry experts. The 2016 topics included:

  • 3D Printing Technology.
  • Electronic Stability Control.
  • Future Electronic Vehicle Technologies.
  • Vehicle Connectivity.

ETTN “Resource Guide”

Partnering with the SEMA Garage, ETTN brings a benefit to manufacturing companies who have new technology, products or software but don’t have the capabilities to test these new products in-house. This “Resource Guide” is designed to help manufacturers connect with companies capable of testing and validating products. In the guide, you will find companies capable of testing in the areas of body/structural, electrical, emissions, engine/performance, suspension and wheels and tires.

SEMA Garage Vehicle Technology Resource Alerts, Presented by ETTN

ETTN partners with the SEMA Garage and SEMA Vice President of Vehicle Technology John Waraniak to bring you Vehicle Technology Resource Alerts (VTRA). Whether there is new technology hitting the market or on the horizon, be the first to know through VTRA. These alerts explain what the technology is, how it works, why it’s trending, and the impact this new technology will have on your business and products.

Take Advantage of These Benefits

ETTN’s mission statement is to “identify, communicate and provide automotive aftermarket engineers, programmers and product developers with the knowledge of emerging vehicle trends and new technology to ensure continued success.” Learn more about ETTN and start using these benefits to fuel your success by visiting

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