Member Benefits at the SEMA Show

SEMA Member News—November 2016


By Katie Carson

Member Benefits at the SEMA Show

  Member Benefits at the Show
Visit the membership counter in SEMA Central, located in the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the SEMA Show to become a SEMA member.

A wide variety of businesses attend the SEMA Show each year, but the companies in the buyer category—identified with a red badge—enjoy a few special benefits. “Buyers” are companies that fall into the retailer and distributor segments of the industry. Non-SEMA-member buyers are encouraged to sign up for a SEMA membership at the Show so that they can not only receive perks at the Show but also receive year-round member benefits.

Member Buyer Rewards Program

The Member Buyer Rewards (MBR) program was created specifically for SEMA members attending the Show as buyers. Those individuals will receive their MBR cards mid-October 2016, or they can pick them up in the SEMA Members Lounge during Show hours to access extra benefits!

  • The MBR lounge is a dedicated space for buyers located inside the SEMA Members Lounge in room N251 of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). The lounge offers member buyers coffee as well as a place to rest their feet and network with other members.
  • Dedicated MBR taxi lines will be available from 2:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday and 2:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. on Friday.
  • MBR members are eligible for one complimentary ticket to the SEMA Industry Awards Banquet. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Becoming a Member at the Show Has Its Perks

Signing up for a SEMA membership is easy! Visit the membership counter during Show hours in SEMA Central, located in the Grand Lobby of the LVCC. The SEMA team will be on hand to go over member benefits and opportunities for success.

Buyers who sign up at the 2016 Show will get a discount incentive to come back next year. SEMA will pay for up to two 2017 SEMA Show registrations for company personnel of qualified buyer companies.

Qualified buyer companies that become SEMA members at the 2016 Show are eligible to receive a free T-shirt. Upon joining, one T-shirt voucher per company will be given to the new member company. Limitations apply and supplies are limited.

Representatives from the SEMA Garage team will also be in SEMA Central, where they will be giving demonstrations and discussing how their member-benefit services can help grow your business.

SEMA Central also serves as a common networking area as people are taking a break from the Show halls. One of the most beneficial aspects of a SEMA membership is the ability to connect with other professionals in the industry, and the Show serves as the largest gathering of members from all over the world.

Joining a SEMA council or network advances the member into a group that serves a specific niche within the industry. SEMA has six councils and four networks representing the wide variety of industry segments. Many of the groups hold general membership meetings, receptions or even have booths on the Show floor. Don’t miss the chance to grow your network in Vegas.

Take Advantage of the SEMA Member Lounge

Companies who join SEMA during the Show will gain entry to the Members Lounge during Show hours. This area offers much more than just a place to take a break and network with other SEMA members; it’s also a convenient place to have a meal. Hot lunches will be available for purchase from 11:30 a.m.–2:00 p.m. daily, or purchase a cold Grab ‘N’ Go meal any time during Show hours.

Other benefits of the lounge include access to a printer and a computer with complimentary internet service as well as charging stations for cell phones and other wireless devices. Meeting rooms are also available for groups of 10 or fewer at no extra charge to member exhibitors and buyers. (According to Show rules, non-exhibiting manufacturers and members otherwise eligible to exhibit are not permitted to use the meeting rooms.) Visit to book a meeting room ahead of time, or visit the Members Lounge to check availability during the Show.

To learn more about SEMA membership benefits or how you can take advantage of these perks at the Show, contact SEMA Director of Membership Gary Vigil at or 909-978-6738.

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