Michelle Knight, SBN Member of the Month, November 2013


Michelle Knight, SEMA SBN Member of the Month, November 2013Name: Michelle Knight
Company: International AERO Products

What is your position?
Communications Director and Central U.S. Sales Director

What does your company do?
International AERO Products manufactures a full line of interior and exterior detailing products that have been used on multi-million-dollar aircraft for several years.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?
The most satisfying aspect of my job is sharing with people innovative ways to protect their prized possessions with new technology and easy-to-use products.

How long have you been involved in the aftermarket industry?
Almost three years.

What brought you to the industry?
As a child, I grew up around this product line being used on private aircraft at International AERO Services. While I was still in college, I wrote the manuals on how to clean aircraft with these products. Once International AERO Products started in 2011, it was a perfect fit because I knew what these products could accomplish at more than 500 mph at an altitude of more than 30,000 ft., and couldn’t wait to present this line to the automotive industry.

What are your major professional accomplishments?
At 24 years old, I am still working on the big ones, so stay tuned.

Are you a member of other organizations?
SEMA's Young Executives Network.

Who is your industry mentor?
The entire International AERO Crew has been amazing—answering questions, giving me new detailing tips, working together as a crew and teaching each other something new every day. However, Mike Hansen, director of sales and marketing, has been an incredible mentor and always encourages me to try new things and gives me every opportunity to learn more about this incredible industry.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Always have a notebook by your bed because you never know when a great idea will come to mind.

What would someone meeting you for the first time be surprised to learn?
I’m a total bookworm and love to bake.

What is your dream car?
The Porsche 356A Speedster replica from “Top Gun.”

What is your favorite pastime?
Growing up in Huntington Beach, California, my family and I spent tons of time at the beach, going to events such as the Long Beach Grand Prix, and of course, days at Disneyland.

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