The Race Has Gone Green Conference

The Race Has Gone Green Conference, SEMA, MIAThe Race Has Gone Green, Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, MIA, SEMA

This Year’s Conference Connects Future Green Racing Products to Profit-Making
Business Opportunities

Vehicle technologies are accelerating as rapidly as an American Le Mans Series
racer exiting a hairpin onto a straightaway. The new watchwords for automotive
racing and performance include vehicle electrification, hybrids, gas direct
injection (GDI), clean diesels and next-generation green performance. For SEMA
and MIA member companies, the landscape is erupting with innovation and
opportunity. But where is it all going? Where are we now? And where are we

The Race Has Gone Green Conference at the Long Beach Grand Prix will connect
SEMA and MIA members to the Next Generation of Green Performance Products,
Consumer Perspectives and Profit-Making Business Opportunities, as well as many
of the world’s leading innovators in next generation racing and performance. The
conference will provide SEMA and MIA members with a timely and exclusive
opportunity to gain valuable information and insights from some of the world’s
leading automakers, teams, drivers and organizations participating in the race,
events and activities at the track.

The term “green” means different things to different people. To some, it’s a fad
or movement that may or may not impact them, their businesses or their
lifestyles. To some it’s a threat; to others it’s an opportunity. Regardless, of
what you call it -- green, eco-friendly, sustainability, clean-tech or whatever
— it’s here to stay and will be part of the foreseeable future for the
automotive industry, SEMA members and anyone involved with the performance and
specialty-equipment industry.

"Motorsports has already shown how green solutions can be demonstrated 'on
track' and win," said MIA Chief Executive Chris Aylett. "This helps consumers
realize that high performance and low carbon can work together and still be
cool. It also opens up genuine new business for those in motorsports and closer
relationships with mainstream auto OEMs, too."

Hybrid Race Car, The Race Has Gone Green, SEMASEMA
President and CEO Chris Kersting believes green performance has the potential to
be one of fastest-growing segments of SEMA.

"The new generation of clean diesels, GDI, hybrid and battery electric vehicles
are leading the reinvention of the automobile and creating exciting
opportunities for both SEMA-member companies and bold new OEMs," Kersting said.

The MIA-SEMA Green Racing and Performance Conference is a great opportunity for
specialty-equipment business leaders, engineers, product planners, marketing and
sales people to meet and connect with many of the industry's experts defining
the crossroads of green racing and performance.

"We are delighted to again provide the venue for the MIA-SEMA Green Conference
and to participate in the very topical themes pertaining to green racing and
performance," said Jim Michaelian, President and CEO of the Grand Prix
Association of Long Beach. "The subject matter also ties very directly into our
'Green Power Prix-View' interactive display area which will be located in our
Lifestyle Expo in the Long Beach Convention Center all weekend."

The conference will include keynote presentations and panel sessions in which
attendees will interact with the speakers. The outstanding grid of confirmed
guest speakers includes the following as well as others being added weekly:

David Brabham, 2009 American LeMans Series Champion, will discuss what it takes
to race energy efficient vehicles and how racing will play an important role in
the growing demand for energy efficient vehicles and products.

Scott Atherton, CEO American LeMans Series, will share his vision for the green
future of motorsports.

Les McTaggart, Senior Technical Director, Izod IndyCar Series, will reveal the
new engines, chassis and look of the 2011 IndyCar Series and the resulting new
product opportunities.

Lord Drayson, UK Minister of Science, team owner and ALMS race driver, will
explain the global energy, science and economic policies that will shape the
future of green motorsports and its commercialization.

Peter Digby, Managing Director, Xtrac, a leading transmission supplier, will
share what has made his company’s venture into green racing so successful.

Forrest Patterson, Technical Director, Michelin Green-X Challenge, a leading
racing industry supplier, will explain how he’s translated green racing success
into consumer product sales.

Jamie Allison, Director, Ford North America Motorsports, will tell us all about
their ’34 Ford Hot Rod with a replacement displacement 400-hp 3.5-liter
twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6 that easily rivals a typical hotrod’s 302 cubic inch V-8
or even similar sized modern V-8’s. Talk about a crate engine!

Robert Davis, Senior Vice President, Product Development and Quality for Mazda
North American Operations
, responsible for the company’s North American
motorsport programs under the MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development banner
including involvement in the American LeMans Series, Grand Am GT, Continental
Tire Challenge, Star Mazda Championship, USF2000 Championship, Playboy MX-5 Cup
and partnerships with BP, Skip Barber, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and Patrick
Dempsey. Robert will discuss how Mazda utilizes motorsports from an R&D
perspective and integrates it into their ongoing Sustainable Zoom-Zoom

Mike Stewart, Leader, Motorsports Engineering Group, Honeywell Turbo
Technologies, Garrett
, will focus on how Garrett’s Aftermarket Group is
developing specialty-equipment applications to increase fuel efficiency as well
as performance and effectively demonstrating that green power and horsepower can

Steve Pruitt, Owner, Corsa Motorsports Ginetta-Zytek hybrid ALMS racer, who owns
what The Wall Street Journal called “The World’s Baddest Hybrid”, will tell you
all about his vehicle and performance program, and how he’s commercializing and
selling his innovative kinetic energy recovery system (KERS).

Eric Cahill, Senior Director, Progressive Automotive X Prize, will provide
attendees an insider’s view and update on one of the most innovative
competitions designed to showcase and inspire a new generation of viable, safe,
affordable and super fuel efficient vehicles that people want to buy .

Mike Cooperman, Senior Director of Marketing, J.D. Power Web Intelligence, will
discuss the latest market research and major behavioral differences between
Green Consumers and the average consumer and how those differences impact the
auto industry, This groundbreaking research will focus on the intersection of
green consumers and auto enthusiasts and define the size of this market and the
messages that resonate with green consumers.

“Truly great competitions are aligned with the best motor racing venues in the
world, and the benefits of competing extend well beyond the checkered flag,”
said John Waraniak, SEMA vice president for vehicle technology. “In fact, the
most important race is not on the track. Once the finish line is crossed, you
are left with innovations and proven technologies that impact what you and I
drive today and tomorrow. The ALMS championship is an excellent example of
relevant racing and represents the future of racing. Commercialization and
consumer acceptance of green performance technologies are the multipliers to
achieving industry growth, increased sales and market share. Innovation doesn’t
come from the discovery of technology but from being the first to use technology
to meet consumer needs and wants.

"Next-generation performance isn’t just about powertrains; it’s about making
vehicles lighter and more aerodynamic. It’s about better brakes, performance
wheels and tires, replacing mechanical systems with electronics, better
lubrication, increased cooling and so on — many of the same things that gave
birth to the hot-rod industry and were on display at the first SEMA Shows under
the bleachers in Dodger Stadium and at Anaheim back in the 1960s.

Sign up today and accelerate your company to profitability, or be left at the
starting line.
The $275 fee
for SEMA members and $375 for non-members includes not only the conference and
its wealth of information and business networking opportunities but also a
luncheon and paddock tour where attendees will meet and talk with team owners,
drivers, crew chiefs and engineers on pit row.

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