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Three Reasons Why the SEMA Show Is Like No Other

As you read this, automotive industry professionals across the spectrum are making plans to join the world’s most comprehensive showcase of new products, innovative ideas and emerging technologies. It’s an industry event that happens only once a year, undeniably unique in many ways.

At its most fundamental level, the SEMA Show is about buyers and sellers learning from each other. With every negotiation, exhibitors gain one more data point about how their latest offerings fit the marketplace, gaining awareness of buyer demand trends. Buyers, as they circulate among multiple segments, can gather insights about the direction of the industry as a whole and take notice of game-changing opportunities that might give them an edge in their markets. What’s exceptional about the SEMA Show is the depth and breadth of these interactions.

When exhibitors arrive in Las Vegas in November, they will bring with them new products and knowledge from all corners of the country and indeed, the entire globe. And buyers, when they leave, will take product discoveries and brand awareness back home, and share them with all manner of customer audiences throughout the year to come. In this age of social media, these discoveries will travel farther than ever before.

Along with global reach, the SEMA Show is unique in another way.

Because the SEMA Show serves multiple segments—it can be thought of as a dozen different trade shows under one roof—the Show promotes cross-industry collaboration, often yielding complimentary business opportunities. This kind of interaction has historically enabled collision-repair businesses to recognize custom paint-and-body work as an ancillary profit opportunity, for example, or tire shops to grow by offering specialty brake and suspension upgrades.

This year, Show attendees will have access to ground-breaking research now being conducted at two SEMA Garage facilities. One new research-driven Show feature will highlight best practices when it comes to ADAS recalibration, sharing techniques that will allow customizers to turn the latest technology hurdle into a competitive advantage.

Another key Show feature is aimed at providing the latest on the growing electric propulsion trend, where more new products and new ideas are rapidly emerging. It’s a segment with long-term potential, especially for those in the restomod, racing and hot-rod industries. Notably, we see that electric hot-rodding seems to offer intriguing possibilities when it comes to attracting a new, young generation of enthusiasts.

Show organizers, always cognizant of their obligation to serve the industry, have built a Show that sets the standard when it comes to facilitating participation and buyer/seller interactions. The SEMA Show app will now have a scanning feature that will work to directly connect buyers with products. By scanning a barcode in the New Product Showcase, or on a display vehicle, buyers can gather information about interesting new products and quickly build a schedule of exhibitors to visit. The app also has newly developed features that will make pre-Show planning and post-Show follow-up easier.

Show organizers have been especially focused on travel affordability and convenience for this year’s event. Advantageous room rates within the SEMA Show block—more than 45 hotels—were negotiated 18 months ago, when travel volume was lower.

In 2021, the industry overcame a year of uncertainty and came to a SEMA Show focused and engaged, more determined than ever to do business. For 2022, attendees can look forward to browsing a completely full convention center campus, packed with innovative products from new and iconic companies, with more vehicles, more people and more opportunities to refresh product lines and add profit centers to your business. Now is the time to confirm your plans to join the ultimate automotive industry event in Las Vegas. Visit, and set your company up for a prosperous 2023.

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