MRN Volunteer Opportunities

What exactly do the council/network leaders do throughout their term? Very simply, the Select Committee is elected by the members of the council to serve a two-year term. They participate in monthly conference calls and meetings that are held at various trade events throughout the year. Each Select committee member volunteers for at least 20 hours throughout the year and some volunteer even more. Some share their experience and vision, others provide creative solutions to challenges our member companies are facing, and others get their hands dirty and get it done. Each Select Committee member is supported by their company in their MRN efforts and for that we say "thank you" to those companies!

Guiding the group's effort was the council's mission statement to provide market information, education and support to members concerning new and emerging trends. A handful of exciting objectives are being developed for the network. If you are passionate and have interest in being involved, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer for a Task Force with a limited investment of time, but provides a great way to network and share your ideas. Please reach out to the Task Force Chair or Bryan Harrison, SEMA Sr. Manager of Networks at if you want to participate or have comments.

MRN Initiatives:

Key Initiative #1: SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) Task Force

  • Create SDC-MRN Certificate program.
  • Develop required educational track, which consists of a minimum of three sessions to be hosted through SEI webinars, Mindflash, and/or a SEMA Show seminar.
  • Implement incentive system for SDC designation.
  • Recruit MRN members to participate in the certificate program.

Key Initiative #2: Communications Task Force

  • Develop, solicit, and share relevant industry relevant content to membership, through:
  • Content rich eBlasts
  • SEMA News & Enews (encourage members to write articles)
  • Develop strong social media presence.

Key Initiative #3: Community & Networking Task Force

  • Increase and build rep community through:
  • Identifying and communicating networking opportunities (Industry Event Calendar).
  • Hosting a minimum of three (3) networking events annually. Explore regional, informal opportunities.
  • Support Communications Task Force effort by helping to build an online community.

Key Initiative #4: Events & Education

  • Provide membership with professional development opportunities, through:
  • Communicating, encouraging, and incentivizing Reps to participate in selected SEI webinars.
  • Work with MANA and MRERF to communicate and offer training that supports continuing education credits.
  • Build on the success of the Rep Technology Roundtable at the SEMA Show.

There are so many other things the council leadership does throughout the year, including host the annual MRN Rep Round Table and networking events throughout the year. Feel free to visit the MRN Rep Center at SEMA Show for more information on the network. Feel free to get in touch with us or come to one of our MRN events. Our hope is that if you haven't been a part of MRN yet, you will be in the future.

For more information on how to join, please contact MRN's liaison, Bryan Harrison, SEMA Sr. Manager of Networks at or (909) 978-6691.


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