MPMC Motorsports Awareness Month

In addition to manufacturing many of the parts used in sanctioned racing events, MPMC is dedicated to the Motorsports industry as a whole. After all, MPMC members are avid racing enthusiasts themselves! “Take a Friend to a Race” is a grassroots program aimed at increasing attendance at Motorsports events by introducing new fans to the sport.

Take a Friend to a Race simply involves contacting a friend, neighbor or relative who has never attended a motorsports event, and taking them along with you. The sensory experience of a live race often creates life long fans, and that is the ultimate goal of Take a Friend to a Race; create new Motorsports fans. Who knows? That neighbor that you introduce to racing could easily become a participant, or even a future star of the sport!

Take a Friend to a Race culminates each year during the month of August, which has been designated Motorsports Awareness Month. August is the last month of summer vacation, and since racing is a family oriented sport, makes it the perfect time to organize family outings or vacations around Motorsports activity. Company outings can also be easily organized around a racing event. Most local tracks, and even national tracks, welcome and cater to such events.

It’s one of the easiest, yet most effective ways to help our industry; Take a Friend to a Race. See you there!

For more information contact Jim Skelly.  


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