Advanced Vehicle Technology Opportunity Study

Understand the opportunities for retrofitting vehicles with Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) and Connected Vehicle Technology (CVT) products.

SEMA Jeep Wrangler Report

Get a picture of how owners of TJ and JK Jeep Wranglers modify their vehicles, and how you can connect with them to be more successful with your products.

2017 SEMA Market Report

Read for a detailed overview of the specialty-equipment market, including market sizing, consumer profiling, and relevant economic trends.


The monthly SEMA Industry Indicators Report provides a high-level snapshot of the overall U.S. economy and specialty equipment market to help keep you up-to-date on key trends that can affect your business. These reports will also showcase insights from recent SEMA Market Research reports, or selected topics relevant to our industry.


"Magnaflow uses SEMA Market Research reports to determine which market segments will provide them with the greatest sales opportunities for their existing products and new products in development." - Robert Wityczak, Magnaflow


What We Do:

SEMA’s Market Research team provides information and insight to help our members (and specialty auto aftermarket in general) make better business decisions. Our focus is on developing primary research reports on our industry and consumers, but we are always happy to answer your questions about the industry!

RESEARCH REPORTS - Light Truck Reports

SEMA Jeep Wrangler Report

The SEMA Jeep Wrangler Report provides an overview of the specialty-equipment market for TJ and JK Wranglers. The report includes data collected on how consumers modify their Jeeps: what parts they buy, how they shop, and how specialty-equipment business can connect with them to help sell their products.

SEMA Pickup Report

The SEMA Pickup Report provides an overview of the specialty-equipment market for pickup trucks. The report includes data collected on how consumers modify their pickups: what parts they buy, how they shop, and how specialty-equipment business can connect with them to help sell their products.

2011 SEMA Pickup Truck Report

The 2011 SEMA Pickup Truck Report provides a comprehensive look at the market. It includes sales data and consumer purchase trends on 15 model pickups covering 2001–2011 model years and more than three dozen specialty- equipment accessories. The report also compares the midsize truck market to the fullsize truck market.

2009 SUV and CUV Report

The light truck market as a whole includes pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), crossover utility vehicles (CUVs) vans and even commercial chassis. When referring to this market SEMA has traditionally limited the scope to pickup trucks, both midsize and fullsize. However, SUVs have been a popular choice for accessorization.

2008 Light Truck Report - Executive Summary

2008 Light Truck Report

The light-truck niche continues to represent the largest portion of the specialty equipment market for both manufacturer and retail sales. In particular, pickup trucks have been the backbone of the light truck market for aftermarket parts. Pickups are often lifted or lowered. They are accessorized with big wheels and tonneau covers. And they are used to tow boats, race cars and toy haulers.

2006 Light Truck Report - Update

Pickup-truck owners are increasingly aware of performance parts and accessories available for their trucks. In fact, in some cases the truck they select and where they purchase it are determined by the availability of performance parts and accessories. We have seen shifts in the popularity of various products used to modify pickup trucks.

2006 Light Truck Accessorization Report

2005 Light Truck Accessorization Report

The performance parts and accessories industry has become increasingly interested in the perceptions and attitudes of pickup truck owners. Foresight Research conducted a study of this group in May and June of 2004. The most recent study prior to this had been conducted in 1999.

2003 Light Truck Market Report

The light truck aftermarket niche is the largest of seven generally acknowledged specialty equipment industry niches. The following table lays out the contribution of each in 2002. The driving force behind light vehicle sales in the U.S. is clearly the light truck segment; in fact, the light trucks have eclipsed the passenger car vehicle market in sales through the twelve months ending in July 2003.

1999 Truck Accessory Report


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