Advanced Vehicle Technology Opportunity Study

Understand the opportunities for retrofitting vehicles with Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) and Connected Vehicle Technology (CVT) products.

SEMA Jeep Wrangler Report

Get a picture of how owners of TJ and JK Jeep Wranglers modify their vehicles, and how you can connect with them to be more successful with your products.

2017 SEMA Market Report

Read for a detailed overview of the specialty-equipment market, including market sizing, consumer profiling, and relevant economic trends.


The monthly SEMA Industry Indicators Report provides a high-level snapshot of the overall U.S. economy and specialty equipment market to help keep you up-to-date on key trends that can affect your business. These reports will also showcase insights from recent SEMA Market Research reports, or selected topics relevant to our industry.


"Magnaflow uses SEMA Market Research reports to determine which market segments will provide them with the greatest sales opportunities for their existing products and new products in development." - Robert Wityczak, Magnaflow


What We Do:

SEMA’s Market Research team provides information and insight to help our members (and specialty auto aftermarket in general) make better business decisions. Our focus is on developing primary research reports on our industry and consumers, but we are always happy to answer your questions about the industry!


Advanced Vehicle Technology Opportunity Study

The market for Advanced Vehicle Technologies (AVT) is developing as a significant new opportunity for companies in the specialty-equipment industry.

Shopping Habits: In-Store & Online

The Shopping Habits: In-Store & Online report examines where specialty-equipment products are sold, how they are researched, and what products our consumers tend to purchase depending on whether they favor online-only, in-store only, or a mixture of retail channels.

Specialty-Equipment Consumer Purchase Journey Report

The Specialty-Equipment Consumer Purchase Journey report provides a look at how our core enthusiasts shop for parts and accessories. The report includes information on the specialty-equipment market , a look at the different types of consumers in our industry, and how the most engaged and enthusiastic consumers go from a new project idea to researching part specs to the final purchase.

U.S. Light Vehicle Fleet Snapshot

The U.S. Light Vehicle Fleet Snapshot offers a look at the passenger cars and light trucks on the road, tailored specifically to our industry. The report includes data from the SEMA Member VIO program (powered by Experian Automotive) on current vehicle registrations, along with info from other SEMA research intended to help you understand the following: what vehicles are out there, what kind of opportunity they represent, and how you can use this data to help grow your business.

SEMA Employment Outlook Report

The SEMA Employment Outlook Report provides an overview of the current employment situation in the specialty-equipment market. The report includes data collected on specialty-equipment distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and manufacturer’s reps along with government data to deliver insight into our industry’s employment needs and challenges.

SEMA Consumer Segmentation Report

The SEMA Consumer Segmentation Report establishes a baseline of consumer groups, which we will use to structure ongoing research efforts.

2011 SEMA Show Opinion Leader Program

For the third consecutive year, the Opinion Leader Program was conducted in conjunction with the 2011 SEMA Show in order to keep SEMA-member companies in tune with the current behavior and attitudes of automotive enthusiasts and to increase consumer knowledge on the best that the specialty-equipment industry has to offer.

2011 SEMA Market Update - Q2

The SEMA Market Update is a regularly published report that tracks industry and economic trends affecting the $28 billion specialty-equipment industry. Each update contains current topics that provide SEMA members new research or information sources to better understand changes in the industry.

2011 Automotive Accessories Report by Foresight Research

The data for the 2011 Automotive Accessory Market Study Report is drawn from the Foresight Research 2011 Automotive Marketing Communications Study database. 

This study explored in-depth how consumers are influenced in their vehicle purchase decisions by the 17 major marketing communication channels most often used by automotive buyers.

2011 Accessory Influence Report

A new study commissioned by SEMA indicates that aftermarket products influence about 1,180,000 new-vehicle sales each year.  The automotive marketing research and consultancy firm AutoPacific collected and analyzed consumer data to quantify the effect that accessorization has on the sale of new vehicles.  The resulting report, "Influence of Accessories on New-Vehicle Sales", details the findings.

2010 SEMA Show Opinion Leader Program

For the second year, the Opinion Leader Program was conducted in conjunction with the 2010 SEMA Show in order to keep SEMA-member companies in tune with the current behavior and attitudes of automotive enthusiasts and to increase consumer knowledge on the best that the specialty-equipment industry has to offer.

Take a Friend to a Race Logo Download

Download the “Take a Friend to a Race” logo for promotion on your company website. “Take a Friend to a Race”, a grassroots program aimed at increasing attendance at Motorsports events by introducing new fans to the sport.



HRIA Annual Report, 2011-12

The 2011-2012 HRIA Annual Report provides council members with a summary of benefits and activities sponsored by the group.

BTC Mandatory PIES Template

PIES are Product Information Exchange Standards. The standard was established to define the attributes of the automotive products. These attributes include, but are not limited to: brand ID, description, price, dimensions, weights, NAFTA, UPC and HAZMAT. This is a living standard.

- To learn the latest about PIES, including all documentation, click here.

BTC Data Pilot Phase 2 White Paper

Phase Two Goals:

Continue to prove the inefficiencies of current data practices and use this information to educate the industry and encourage member companies to examine and improve their product data practices.

Show the participants that perfect data, properly harmonized, lowers costs, enhances customer service, shortens time to market and increases sales.

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SS08 Education Seminars - SEI08-Seminar-Online Forums-Mitchell1andSnapon-v2.pdf


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SEMA BTC Data Pilot Program: Phase One White Paper

December 2007 - SEMA BTC Data Pilot Program: Phase One White Paper

SEMA Internet Symposium - How to turn technology in to sales - Jondron

SEMA Internet Symposium - Internet Fundamentals - Jondron / Brown

SEMA Internet Symposium - Presenter Jondron / Brown - Internet Fundamentals


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SS08 Education Seminars - SEI08-Seminar-Super-Charge-Your-Backyard-Business-v2.pdf


SS08 Education Seminars - SEI08-Seminar-Web-2.0-Master-v6.pdf

SEMA Internet Symposium - Brand Online- Jeff Van Hoosear

JVH1077 Brand Online - Jeff Van Hoosear - PDF


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