Launch Pad Basic Requirements

Basic Requirements

  • YEN Member: Participant must be a YEN member (under 40 years old on November 6, 2015) and a legal resident of the United States. Not a YEN member? Join Free - Click Here.
  • SEMA Member: YEN member's company must be a SEMA member. Not a SEMA member? Click here to join SEMA.
  • Qualified to Exhibit: YEN member's company must qualify to exhibit at the SEMA Show (but does not have to exhibit).
  • Functioning Product/Service: The competing business must offer a product or service that is a functioning prototype, functioning concept, or currently for sale.
  • Travel Expenses: The top five YEN participants will travel to the SEMA Show at their own expense to compete in the live event. The YEN participant must make the business pitch before the SEMA Show judges. (No substitutes.)
  • Taxes: All taxes on prizes are the sole responsibility of the prize winning company. Tax liability is based on the value of the prizes.
  • Intellectual Property: A patent or trademark registration is not required but by entering the competition, the contest participant certifies that he/she has ownership rights to any intellectual property rights (i.e. trademark, copyright, patent, proprietary information) for the company and product/service being marketed, or authorization from the owner of such rights.


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