2016 YEN Launch Pad Top Finalists



Aaron Aldrich-Owner, Any Level Lift

Aaron is new to the automotive aftermarket industry, establishing Any Level Lift LLC earlier this year. He developed a passion for lifted trucks growing up in a small town in New York. Aaron graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a mechanical engineering degree and normally designs servicing equipment for the U.S. Navy’s submarines and aircraft carriers. However, after building and testing a prototype of the Any Level Lift and issuing three related patents, Aaron decided to take a leave of absence to bring the Any Level Lift to market. Aaron will debut the refined design at this year’s SEMA show."

Any Level Lift Product Description
The patented Any Level Lift is the industry’s first ALL adjustable suspension system, offering 16” of ride height adjustment without impact to ride quality, steering alignment, or axle positioning. The Any Level Lift bridges the gap between work and play. Do it ALL.


Richard Baverstock-Founder/CEO, Mogol Inc.

Richard Baverstock is the Founder and CEO of Mogol Inc., reimagining driving by bringing together navigation and topographical data to make drives smoother, more comfortable and efficient. Richard’s vision for Mogol came about as he was commuting to work and noticed that he could significantly improve his mileage just by small changes in how he drove. Prior to Mogol, he led teams designing hardware at NVIDIA for a variety of multimedia, low power and automotive applications. He has a BASc from University of Waterloo with further studies at Stanford.

Glide Product Description
Glide is a location aware cruise control that uses GPS and route information to make small changes in acceleration, improving fuel economy and electric vehicle range as well as reducing vehicle maintenance. It installs quickly under the dashboard.


Matt Corish-Co-founder, V12LS.com

Matt Corish is an entrepreneur from Baltimore who has held executive roles in the manufacturing sector along with founding automotive and technology startups. Matt founded V12LS.com with his brother Shane, an accomplished Engineer from Melbourne Australia in 2015. This is their second business venture together.

V12LS.com Product Description
V12LS.com offer something different for your next project with their LS12 engine. The 519ci V12 street engine package effortlessly produces 717HP on pump gas with a mild camshaft. With larger cam and head options available, these engines are sure to take your build to the next level.


John Paul Gusewelle-COO, Metal Conditioner2, LLC

John Paul Gusewelle is Co-founder and COO of Metal Conditioner Squared, LLC. A position he has held since the company’s formation in 2013. Daily tasks can vary from production of MC², research and development, marketing, sales, domestic and international shipping, and customer service. John Paul has been successful in sales for 17 years ranging alphabetically from automobiles at Dean Team Automotive to Zener diodes at RadioShack and everything in-between. An inadvisable portion of his career earnings have been spent on his automotive passion in the form of cool vehicles and their never ending modification.

Metal Conditioner2 Product Description
MC² is a friction modifier designed be used with petroleum based lubricants in motorized vehicles and equipment of all shapes and sizes. Once added, MC² applies a nano coating to the surface of the lubricated metal. This results in ASTM proven reductions in friction, temperature, wear, and increased efficiency.


Amanda Holbert-President, Plasma Glide LLC

Amanda Holbert is an award winning Entrepreneur and Mentor from Tucson, AZ. For the past 13 years she has kept her boots to the ground as the President and Co-Owner of Elegant Iron, a prototype and design, metal fabrication, sandblasting and powder coating firm. As a Certified Federal Contractor, Amanda and her team overcame adversity during the recession to gain contracts and be awarded Manufacturer of the Year 2011, Small Business Advocate of the Year 2012 and Woman Business Owner of the Year 2015. This Year has taken Amanda to new heights, as her new company, PlasmaGlide competes as a finalist in the SEMA Launch Pad.

Plasma Glide Product Description
PlasmaGlide is a Patented universal fixture table for the hand plasma cutter that allows the operator to gain a CNC quality cut on various shapes and sizes of metal materials safely, easily and accurately. Our innovative Glide technology will save you time and money. Change the way you CUT Metal!


Bryce Hudson-Owner, Grip Clean

Bryce Hudson is a 26 year old professional motocross athlete from Murrieta, CA. He has acquired 3 XGames medals, been seen on nation-wide TV commercials, and was even featured on ABC's Shark Tank in 2015.

Grip Clean Product Description
Grip Clean is the worlds very first all-natural industrial strength hand soap infused with the cleaning power of dirt - literally.


Wesley Jurica-Co-Owner, Gigabit Games

Wesley Jurica is a 36 year-old programmer with a passion for anything with wheels. At Gigabit Games, he does game design, coding, and concept design including the newest CrawlrCam product.

Prior to CrawlrCam, Wesley and his brother, Patrick, created the apps ULTRA4 Off-Road Racing and Gigabit Off-Road which have been downloaded over 3 million times on iOS and Android devices.

Gigabit Games’ mission is to share innovative hardware and software products they are passionate about with markets all over the world.

CrawlrCam Product Description
CrawlrCam is a universal video system for off-road enthusiasts. It combines HD action cams and an intuitive app to display a live video grid of your rig making it easy to self-spot when tackling those tough trails, rocks, and other obstacles.


Kevin Patrick- President, Exomotive

Kevin Patrick is the President of Exomotive. An Atlanta native and graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Kevin spent more than a decade working in software product management before quitting his day job to launch Exomotive in 2011. Now in its fifth year, Exomotive has sold more than 200 Exocet Sport, Exocet Race, and Exocet Off-Road component vehicle kits. The Exocet has recently been featured in Jalopnik, Maxim, Road & Track, and The Smoking Tire. The Exocet also won first place at the 2016 Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Skidpad Challenge.

Exomotive Exocet Product Description
The Exomotive Exocet is an easy-to-build, lightweight component vehicle kit based on the popular Mazda Miata drivetrain. The exoskeletal, open-air design of the Exocet chassis is offered in three distinct versions for maximum driving fun on the street, track, or dirt.


Sarah Powell - COO, Turnberry Innovations

Sarah Powell is a supply chain professional with a passion for innovative start-ups. Using her expertise in supply chain and logistics, Sarah oversees CORBOX’s production and distribution capabilities so that CORBOX can offer quality truck storage solutions that are manufactured in the US. As a truck owner, she also helps with product development and testing. CORBOX is committed to giving back to the community and gives 10% of its profits to charities that support veterans.

Corbox Product Description
Corbox is redefining truck storage by equipping truck owners with a universal fit for any full-size truck or tonneau cover, organization with lockable drawers, security through concealability and removability so that you can fully enjoy your lifestyle– contractor, hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman alike – with its three unique models.


Irina Slavina- Co-Founder and General Counsel, Hudway, LLC

Irina Slavina is one of co-founders of Hudway. She joined the company in 2014, when two original founders, Ivan Klabukov and Alex Ostanin transferred operations from Russia to California and established company’s HQ in Los Angeles. As a licensed attorney, Irina handles legal and compliance work for the company. Irina also serves as a company spokesperson. Prior to joining Hudway, Irina worked as a defense counsel at a litigation law firm in Los Angeles.

Hudway Glass Product Description
Hudway Glass is a universal vehicle accessory that turns your smartphone into a head up display for any car. Just place it on your dashboard, launch any HUD-mode app and you will see your navigation information right on your windshield, just like in a luxury car.

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