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Auto Transmission Shift Interlocks Required to Prevent Vehicle Rollaways

New cars with automatic transmissions must now be equipped with an
interlock device that requires the brake pedal be pressed before the
driver can shift the transmission out of “park." The National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration took the action in response to a law
passed in 2008 designed to protect children from vehicle rollaways in
which a car is inadvertently shifted into neutral or another gear.

new requirement applies to all passenger cars and light trucks weighing
10,000 pounds or less and takes effect on September 1, 2010.

California Bill to Increase “Specially Constructed” Class to Be Reconsidered by Committee

California legislation (A.B. 1740) to eliminate the requirement that
specially constructed vehicle registrations be limited to only the
first 500 vehicles per year was not approved by the Transportation
Committee on March 22. However, a modified version of the bill will be
reconsidered by the committee on April 5, 2010.


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