Why ETTN? The ETTN is designed to identify, communicate and provide automotive aftermarket engineers, programmers and product developers with the knowledge of emerging vehicle trends and new technology to ensure continued success.

Kelleigh Ash - ETTN Chair
ETTN Chair
Kelleigh Ash
Nicole Bradle
Council Director
Nicole Bradle

Stay up to date on the latest trends and technology that fuel automotive professionals.

Mission Statement

The mission of SEMA's Emerging Trends and Technology Network (ETTN) is to "Identify and communicate emerging vehicle trends and technology relevant to aftermarket professionals and provide the resources and solutions to ensure their continued success."

About ETTN

ETTN fulfills its mission through the following resources it provides:

  • Fostering a community of like minded individuals with opportunities to connect and network to solve challenges, learn about new technology and peer to peer connections
  • Educational sessions both in person at the SEMA Show as well as online via Virtual meetings and FaceBook Live Chats
  • Provide unique programs such as the Student Competition Teams and Vehicle Sharing Program


How Can You Get Involved?

It is easy! Any employee of a SEMA-member company can join, and there are no dues. It's free! Our hope is that all new members will be actively involved in the network. A network is only as good as the sum of its members. You can and should make a difference. Join now: www.sema.org/join-ettn


Interested in volunteering? ETTN has several opportunities for members to get involved. Please contact Nicole Bradle at nicoleb@SEMA.org or (909) 978-6688.


Council Leaders




ETTN Virtual Education

The Emerging Trends & Technologies Network (ETTN) virtual education webinars are designed especially for its members. These webinars take a deep dive into the world of automotive engineering in bite-size segments.

We have the industry’s best talent to give real-world talks with topics for modern engineers to enjoy, ranging from the latest electric-vehicle (EV) technology to advanced internal combustion engine designs and emissions treatment systems.

These 30–45-minute talks are powered by the best in the industry along with the unique benefit of giving you live access to our expert speakers to answer your questions after the talk.

These sessions are free for ETTN members, and you can’t find them elsewhere.

To view any of ETTN’s upcoming or previous educational webinars, visit the virtual education page using the button below.

ETTN Select Committee

headshot of Kelleigh Ash, Chair
Kelleigh Ash, Chair
Battle Motors, Chair
headshot of Bob Morreale, Chair-Elect
Bob Morreale, Chair-Elect
The Tuning School
headshot of Rob Simons, IPC
Rob Simons, IPC
Automotive Consulting Services
headshot of Greg Banish
Greg Banish
Calibrated Success Inc.
headshot of Chris Crecelius
Chris Crecelius
Edelbrock LLC
headshot of Brian Herron
Brian Herron
Opus IVS
headshot of Scott D. Lowe
Scott D. Lowe
High Xpectations
headshot of Wendy Miles
Wendy Miles
LeachCo LLC/TheAutoBuilder.com
headshot of Gordon Paden
Gordon Paden
Scoggin-Dickey, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep
headshot of Robert Prucka
Robert Prucka
Clemson University
headshot of Karen Salvaggio
Karen Salvaggio
Scorpion EV
headshot of Justin Starkey
Justin Starkey
VMP Performance
headshot of Nick Wolgamott
Nick Wolgamott
PMAS Technologies
headshot of Charles Woodruff
Charles Woodruff
ETTN Member Logo

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Guidelines for Proper Usage of the SEMA Logo(s)

  • SEMA encourages ETTN members to post the ETTN Member logo on any personal professional websites and use it on individualized professional-related materials such as letterhead, catalogs, business cards and advertisements.
  • An ETTN member may not use the ETTN Logo to market a particular product, or affix the logo to a product or to product packaging.
  • The ETTN Member logo may never be used by a ETTN member as a "stand-alone"; the logo must clearly say "Member" exactly as it is placed shown to the left.
  • The ETTN Member logo may not, under any circumstances, be distorted in its display; the logo must be vertically positioned as originally intended (not tweaked, turned upside down, etc.).
  • The ETTN Member logo may not be printed in any other color(s) than the original red, black and white scheme. If red is unattainable, then all black is permissible.

If you require a hi-res version of the logo, please email member@sema.org.