Executive Staff


SEMA President, CEO, Christopher Kersting

George Afremow, Vice President, CFO

Peter MacGillivray, SEMA VP, Events and Communications

William Miller, SEMA SVP, Operations

Christopher J. Kersting

President and CEO

George Afremow

Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer

Ira Gabriel

Vice President,

Peter MacGillivray

Vice President, Communications

and Events

William G. Miller

Senior Vice President, Operations


Nathan Ridnouer, SEMA VP, Councils and Membership

Craig Schmutzler, Vice President of Operations

Mike Spagnola, vice president of OEM & Product Development Programs

John Stewart, Vice President, Editorial Director

John Waraniak, Vice President of Vehicle Technology

Nathan Ridnouer

Vice President,
Councils and Membership

Craig Schmutzler
Vice President, Operations
SEMA Data Co-op

Mike Spagnola

Vice President,

OEM & Product Development


John Stewart
Vice President,
Editorial Director

John Waraniak

Vice President,
Vehicle Technology


Steve McDonald

Vice President, Government Affairs



Alise Miner

Vice President, Internal Systems and Project Teams





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