Webinar - Top Tips for Negotiating Agreements with Overseas Distributors

Join us on September 24th for a special session on "Agreements with Overseas Distributors" with speakers from Australia and Sweden joining us. Come away from this session with not only the latest information but also with some new resources and contacts.

Featuring attorneys specializing in the local law regarding distributors in Sweden and Australia:
Patrick Fazzone
Washington Global Law Group
Washington, D.C. USA and Sydney, Australia
Richard Jacobsson
Eversheds Sutherland Advokatbyrå AB
Stockholm, Sweden
Discussion Points:
- Pros/cons for a US company to consider regarding exclusive distributor agreements with international distributors.
- Local Swedish and Australian contractual law considerations for US companies to be aware of in negotiating agreements with Swedish/Australian distributors, such as government regulations/laws regarding terminating an agreement and geographic.
- Determining potential distributor’s territory (all of Sweden/portion/neighboring countries, or in the case of Australia, all of Australia or Australia and New Zealand ?) and tips for evaluating the distributors’ capacity and capabilities, including their staff/contacts/service capabilities in the desired region and whether there are any local laws restricting geographic limits.
- Pros/cons for an agreement that is mutually exclusive (if the US company agrees to just sell to one distributor, is the distributor agreeing to not sell that US company’s competitors products?)
- Potential requirements, such as performance measures, for the distributor to maintain exclusivity? Or just rely on good faith effort?
- Time period for the agreements’ terms - how often should the contract/terms be revisited?


For more information, please contact Linda Spencer at lindas@sema.org

Date / Time: 
Thursday, September 24, 2020 - 1:00pm
1:00 p.m. (PDT)/4:00 p.m. (EDT).
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