SEMA International Measuring Program: 2012 Toyota Hilux - Greenville, South Carolina

SEMA is importing the HiLux to the United States as
part of a new program to provide SEMA members with access to vehicles that are
popular overseas but not sold in the United States.
SEMA International Measuring Program:  2012 Toyota Hilux
The Toyota HiLux has achieved more than 14 million units sold in 135 countries
worldwide since its introduction. The HiLux is a top-selling vehicle in key
countries/regions, including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa,
Central America and the Middle East. Because of its international appeal and
popularity, the HiLux is the ideal vehicle for companies looking to prototype
new products to enter markets overseas. Earlier this year, SEMA members selected
the truck to be the first vehicle made available for measurement, beating out
the Jeep Wrangler diesel and Ford Ranger.

Manufacturing companies interested in gathering measurements and specs needed to
create products for the popular truck model are encouraged to attend.

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Date / Time: 
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 8:00am to 5:00pm
Clemson University
South Carolina
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