Craig Schmutzler, Vice President of Operations, SDC

John Waraniak, Vice President of Vehicle TechnologyCraig joined the SEMA Data Co-op, in August 2014, to recruit and oversee a top tier member support team. He brings many years of experience in the automotive industry, including past roles with Keystone Automotive, Arrow Speed Warehouse, and

An operations and customer-service professional, Craig has spent a good deal of time in senior leadership roles and has a strong understanding of the importance of creating a synergistic relationship between business functions to maximize the performance of an operation. He brings a process-oriented, analytical approach to his role and works to instill a “more than required before it is expected” attitude in his teams.

Craig views quality product data as the lifeblood of the automotive aftermarket and believes that the number one priority of SEMA Data Co-op is to ensure that manufacturers achieve and maintain a superb level of data quality and completeness, in order to provide the best possible product presentation for users of that data. Craig’s sights are fixed firmly on the future success of SEMA Data Co-op and its members.



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