YENSTERS at the Grand National Roadster Show

Abigail of KAHN Media asked fellow YEN members Ally Chisenhall from Vintage Air what she took from the show this year.

What was your favorite part of the show? 

“This was my first time attending this show with Vintage Air. I had 2 ‘favorite things’ specifically. First, seeing your friends and colleagues in such a great, fun setting is always a good time. Secondly, this show really brought out some gorgeous builds. I’ve been to many shows, but was really blown away by the quality around me. It was definitely a unique experience.”


What do you think the future holds for this show?

“The GNRS was packed this year - which was amazing to see. I have no doubt that the future will see continued growth in attendance at such a cool show in such a wonderful location.”


How do events like this attract the next generation?

“Bringing the younger generation of auto-junkies and hot rodders together is an awesome part of each of these shows. It’s a great time to get together, bounce around ideas, and share our opinions on the future of the industry since it is in our hands.”