Refocusing on Learning Experiences

Last year, YEN hosted the network’s first-ever Lunch and Learn at the SEMA Garage.  Designed to engage young professionals whose employers may be unwilling or unable to send them to Las Vegas or other long-distance industry functions, the initial Lunch and Learn, gave Southern California YENsters an opportunity to network and learn about social media best practices from an expert presenter.

The event was hailed a success. And YEN has now moved forward with a game plan to present Lunch and Learn events regionally once each quarter. As of press time, tentative locations include Detroit, Mich., Dallas, Tex., Orlando, Fla., and California.

“Building on the success of last year’s YEN Lunch and Learn at SEMA headquarters, the Young Executives Network is excited to announce a new series of networking events to be held throughout the country in 2020,” said YEN Chair Kirstin Stone.

Each event will feature a talk presented by an expert in the field. Topics under consideration include sales strategies, social media best practices and entrepreneurship. Following lunch, members will have a chance to network with other young professionals in their area and participate in facility tours of local industry-leading businesses, when possible.

“We’re looking forward to the opportunity to provide even more value to our membership than we have in years past, and regional networking events with an educational component are a new and exciting way we plan to do that,” said Stone.