Promoting YENsters through the Member Spotlight

YEN’s Member Spotlight comes in from Rathyna Gomer of and The Drift League!


• Who Do you Work for

I am the Series Director of The Drift League and also work as the Social Media Manager for

  • What does your company do

The Drift League is a FormulaDRIFT sanctioned ProAm competitive drift series based out of Irwindale Speedway. We focus on preparing the next generation of professional drift competitors by focusing on education. We hold competitors to a high standard with tech inspections, advanced track layouts, and train them on the importance of marketing/branding.

  • The best advice I ever got was…

Do it afraid.

  • I am successful because…

I take action. Anytime I see a problem, I immediately hop into problem-solving mode. I never just sit and let things pass me by.

  • This keeps me in the industry:

Growth and passion. I love how diverse the industry is. Learning what each person's "why" is puts me in a never-ending cycle of inspiration. There is always room to grow, to expand, and to share our passion. Not many industries are passion-based, and that's what I love about this industry - we all are here for the love of it. The paycheck is just a bonus.

  • On a Saturday, you can find me…

Getting the car ready for a drift day, going on a canyon cruise, church with my family, going on some sort of foodie adventure, or working on another side project.

  • When going into an important meeting I am always…

Open. I've learned that humility carries us farther than most other traits. If we go into meetings with an open mind, we can use that as an opportunity to learn and grow - ultimately using that knowledge to invest back into the industry.

  • If I could go to lunch with one industry leader, living or dead, it would be…

He's not exclusive to only our industry, but I would love to spend an afternoon with Elon Musk. He's a genius, constantly innovating and pushing the limits of what is considered possible. He has set the tone for the future of EVs and transportation as a whole.

  • First Car: A Nissan 350z (I've been a Z owner for 13 years now)

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