3 Reasons to Join YEN’s Facebook Group

Chances are you’re already in YEN. If you’re not, then stop reading and join the network already—that’s your first step. If you’re a YEN member and you aren’t part of our Facebook Group, then continue reading and see how you’re missing out. By reason three, you’ll be full of FOMO.  

  1. Be a member, connect with members. YEN is the ideal networking outlet for professionals 39 and under. If you are youngish and work in the automotive industry, and you’re looking to network with industry leaders and others in similar career paths as you, then this is your chance to make those important career connections.    

  2. Share your experiences. Our Facebook group serves as a forum for members to exchange personal experiences with industry peers, ask questions, and connect in real-time. There’s no need to wait for that next in-person meet-up to get acquainted with similarly minded YEN members. You can start building your business network right now.

  3. Be in the know. No one likes to be left out of the loop. There’s no need to wonder when that next meet-up or big networking event will happen. Just check in with the group’s page, and there you will see what networking events are going down in your town. You won’t miss another Speed Ring motorsports competition ever again!

How’s your FOMO level right about now? OK, we can fix that. All you need to do is request to join the Facebook group. Just know that we validate that all requesters are active YEN members prior to granting group access. If you aren’t 100% sure you’re a member, check the roster.