Tim Dietz to be inducted into the WTC Hall of Fame

Tim Dietz has served the automotive industry for 25 years.  He has served n new business ventures with established and start-up aftermarket companies, and vehicle manufacturers and OEM companies.  He is involved in the engineering, testing, and legislature of the products concerning tires, wheels and vehicle components. Tim has served in many capacities at Standards Testing Laboratories to the position he holds today. Tim has worked as a testing coordinator, test engineer, technical salesman, technology instructor and project manager. Tim was also hired as the Quality Manager and maintains two quality systems over the Ohio and Texas facilities.  Tim has served in capacities on technical committees with the Society of Automotive Engineers, Department of Transportation, SFI Foundation, American Society of Testing Materials and recently SEMA's Wheel and Tire Council as a select committee member, chairman and advisor.  Tim also served as the Chairman of the Science and Technology task group for the WTC, which has helped to define the industry standards for the function and protection of our Industry.

With all of his hard work and achievement's, the WTC believe he represents the best of the wheel and tire industry. If you would like to attend the awards ceremony, come to the WTC Reception and enjoy an evening with friends and colleagues. Tim will be inducted as the 2019 Hall of Fame recipient.