TORA Shines at SEMA Show

Light-truck and off-road accessories are the main attraction in the Upper South Hall at the annual SEMA Show. It’s also where the TORA exhibit shines brightly, each year displaying decked-out feature vehicles and hosting a Happy Hour on Tuesday afternoon.

“The SEMA Show is the perfect opportunity for the truck and off-road manufacturers to debut new products and for distributors, retailers and media to learn about them. And the Upper South Hall wouldn’t be complete without TORA’s presence,” said Erika Marquez, council chair.

“The TORA Happy Hour,” she continued, “always draws a good crowd. It’s the best opportunity for members and nonmembers to network with other industry people, meet select committee members, ask questions, get involved and have a cold beer. All in a relaxing and friendly environment surrounded by two of the best feature vehicles that not only represent the heart of our council, but are also a way to (feature) the latest products from the truck and off-road industry.”