New Beginnings, New Initiatives

TORA has taken a multi-faceted approach. To gain insight, for instance, into educational topics that would most interest its members, TORA members brainstormed ideas during the SEMA Show. The council also conducted an online poll. Suggested poll topics included business operations, marketing, social media and advanced vehicle technology.

Thinking ahead to the 2020 SEMA Show, TORA has set its sights on orchestrating technology-centric seminars specific to light-truck and off-road. Though still in the early planning stages, Marquez noted the council’s select committee has already begun brainstorming topics and is working with SEMA staff to develop the format and content.  Additionally, TORA is planning to expand its social media footprint to further build council awareness and improve communication.

Yet another initiative is aimed at community building, creating a sense of kinship and unity among companies and individuals from within the light-truck and off-road segments. “Networking events are a great way to bring together the truck and off-road markets,” said Marquez. With this thought in mind, TORA aims to host more regional networking get-togethers at a mix and off-road and truck events.

“Changing the council’s name from LTAA to TORA has opened the door to all the different segments in the truck market,” said Marquez. “And I’m excited for all the new initiatives that your TORA Select Committee is planning for 2020. Some of the initiatives include offering more community-building regional events throughout the year, new education forums on new-vehicle technology as it (pertains to) truck and off-road and expanding our communication channels to our general membership.”