SEMA Seeks New High School Auto Shop Programs for Build Partnership

By Katie Hurst

The SEMA High School Vehicle Build Program is entering its third round of custom vehicle builds. Earlier this year, SEMA partnered with five high-school auto-shop classes across the country to accessorize five Jeep Wrangler TJs. Using aftermarket products donated by 33 sponsoring companies, students customized the Jeeps concentrating on wheels/tires, suspension, and interior and exterior accessories. In doing so, about 200 students were introduced to automotive customization as a hobby, learned new skills and concepts, and gained insight for a career path in the aftermarket.

SEMA will partner with high-school auto shops to complete 10 customization builds in the 2019–2020 school year. The five high school partners from the spring 2019 builds will return to the program for a second build. Applications are now open for five new schools to partner with SEMA in this hand-on educational experience.

Selected high schools will receive:

  • One vehicle purchased and provided by SEMA.
  • Aftermarket products donated by sponsoring manufacturers.
  • Allocation of SEMA parts budget for additional products and labor as approved by SEMA.
  • Connections to local and nationally based manufacturers and service providers.
  • Introductions to and visits from aftermarket industry professionals.
  • SEMA staff support and guidance throughout the build.
  • SEMA build guidelines.
  • Pending approval from SEMA, option to participate in build program the following year.

All high-school auto shops are invited to apply until the September 25 deadline. If you work with or know of a high-school auto shop in your local area, SEMA encourages you to send them a link to the application.

Learn more about the SEMA High School Vehicle Build Program. For questions about the program, contact Katie Hurst at 909-978-6693.